Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has given his take on the decade-long debate between two of the greatest-ever footballers in history – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two icons have consistently been defying the odds and scoring in numbers, which before their arrival, used to be considered as ‘impossible’. Having won Five Balon’Dors each and being the only two players in the history to do so, they have set a standard for the coming generation which is beyond the peak expectations.Also Read - Robert Lewandowski Beats Lionel Messi, Mohammed Salah to be Crowned FIFA The Best Men's Player 2021

The clubs they have represented have benifitted massively from their contribution – they have won everything that the game has to offer on a club level. Also Read - BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung Joins Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Billie Eilish To Achieve THIS Major Feat | Check Here

Speaking on RT, the Portuguese coach said, “I think they are lucky and unlucky to be in the same generation. They are lucky because they can compete against each other. They look to each other in a positive way and get extra motivation. If there was only one of them, they would have 10 Golden Boots.” Also Read - English Premier League: Cristiano Ronaldo Considering Move Out of Manchester United Depending Upon Next Manager

Mourinho also reckeoned that the bar of performance have been set too high for the upcoming generation of footballers.

Mourinho further added, “Now, I think they have put the bar really high, and you have the players coming behind, who I like to call the ‘little monsters’. The bar has to be high, so it has to be incredible motivation for Neymar, [Kylian] Mbappe and [Antoine] Griezmann. Unfortunately, Cristiano and Messi will not last forever.”

Lionel Messi is currently in top form for his Barcelona side and is firing on all cylinders, while Ronaldo is also doing pretty much the same with his new club Juventus.