New Zealand vs England, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Finals: It is surprising that we are still living the a man’s world, even in regards to cricket. Even if you ask someone who scored the first limited overs double hundred in cricket, fans would promptly say Sachin Tendulkar, whereas the answer is Belinda Clark. She did it 13 years before Tendulkar. That is exactly what has got former English cricketer Isa Guha fuming.

She has slammed the journalists for branding the Finals as ‘there would be a first-time winner’. Isa has got annoyed with that because England Women and New Zealand Women have already won the World Cup. Hence she feels, it should specifically be called the ‘Men’s World Cup’. “Sorry to rant but for all the journalists out there when writing pieces, pls remember that the women have won the tournament before in England so would be awesome if you could at least refer to England as England’s men when saying they have never won a tournament before.”

Fans reacted to her post:

Most of the replies were in not in favour of Isa Guha’s point. Many felt that men’s game was far more advanced and popular and thus Cricket World Cup implied the Men’s World Cup only.