Football maestro Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers, for the first time, admitted that the footballer had paid an amount of $375,000 to settle the rape allegations made by a woman in 2009. Also Read - Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo Pay Heartfelt Tribute to 'Eternal' Diego Maradona

Kathryn Mayorga, the lady who accused Ronaldo of raping her, maintained that the Portuguese star had paid her the said amount in a confidentiality agreement to settle the case in 2010. On Friday, Ronaldo’s legal team acknowledged the payment and said it was done “to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute”. The Juventus footballer has, however, said that the entire discourse was consensual. Also Read - FIFA Best Football Awards 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar And Robert Lewandowski Feature in Nominees' List

In 2018 Mayorga had filed a lawsuit in state court to invalidate the agreement stating that the footballer and his legal team had taken advantage of her fragile emotional state and forced her into signing it. In response, Ronaldo motion argued that the woman had failed to present sufficient evidence to prove that she lacked the mental capacity for agreeing to the terms. Also Read - Juventus vs Ferencvaros: Cristiano Ronaldo Equals Lionel Messi's Champions League Record in 2-1 Win

According to a CNN report, Ronaldo’s motion has claimed that under the agreement Mayorga was not prevented from any communication with law enforcement. Instead, they said, “The agreement provided for cooperation with any ‘subpoena or legal process which may require disclosure of Confidential information’,” Ronaldo’s motion was quoted as saying by CNN.

In 2009, Mayorga had initially refused to identify Ronaldo and disclose any details of the crime, prompting the police to close the case, said the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. However, weeks later she had named the five-time Ballon D’Or winner in a police interview and gave details of the crime committed by the footballer and her medical reports further supported the claims.

Reportedly, Ronaldo’s lawyers had met with Mayorga’s legal team and settled for a private mediation under the said agreement. However, according to the lawsuit filed by the woman in 2018, the footballer’s representatives falsified the claims made in the agreement and made her believe that they were compensating her for the medical injuries. In reality, she said, they obstructed a criminal investigation of the case and diminished her options of claiming civil damages.

“The psychological trauma of the sexual assault, the fear of public humiliation and retaliation and the reiteration of those fears by law enforcement and medical providers left plaintiff terrified and unable to act or advocate for herself,” Mayorga’s lawsuit said. The lawsuit further claimed that she was threatened by Ronaldo’s lawyers of portraying the case in a way which would show that she was making false claims to extorts money from the footballer after subjecting to consensual sex.