Kevin Pietersen recently participated in a Soccer Aid match, where World XI locked horns with England and the match was played at Old Trafford. Apart from KP, the match saw legends like, sprint-king Usain Bolt and Michael Owen among others. The match boiled down to the penalties where England pipped World XI 4-3.

Well, our focus here is the penalty missed by Kevin Pietersen, that caught the eye. Some felt KP was too lazy while taking the penalty whereas some felt he always was a English footballer (sarcastic).

KP’s Instagram posts showed how hard he had trained for the match, from buying football boots to sharpening his dribbling skills. Yet to miss the penalty in the manner he did would hurt him and we are sure his friends would have enough content to tease KP.

Mind you, another football aspirant Usain Bolt scored his penalty.

This was a UNICEF-led charity match. The match also helped UNICEF raise £5,540,249 for charity. Pietersen had been gearing up for the encounter for a long time and hence the expectations would have been high on the South African-born English cricketer. It was David Harewood who denied KP from scoring of the penalty. KP went to the right side of the post, he neither found force nor the placement, it was an easy save for the experienced Harewood.

Here is the EPIC moment in which KP misses the penalty.

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