Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has made it clear that he would not take part in the lucrative Indian Premier League as a player anymore.

However, KP will continue as a commentator in the tournament as he did in the 10th edition of the IPL.

Pietersen’s decision is expected to be a huge loss for the franchises. Speaking at the inauguration CSA’s Global T20 League, Pietersen pointed out that he will not have time for the IPL after the long and hectic schedule he has to deal with.

“The IPL comes at the end of my schedule. So I’m playing for Surrey now, in August-September. Then I play in South Africa in November, into December. I play in Australia all of December and all of January. Then I play the Pakistan Super League in February-March. So can’t play in India, it’s too long.”

“I’m done playing (in the IPL), but I can commentate,” he continued.

“The reason why I commentate is I go for one week, come home for two weeks, then I come back for a week and home for two weeks. When you’re a player, you’re there the whole time, you’re everywhere… I can’t do that.”

Pietersen also rubbished all the rumours regarding a national team return, as he said ““All gone man, all gone. I just play golf now and whack it in T20 cricket. No, I’m good, I’m good.”