Kidambi Srikanth was left with a bloodied nose after undergoing multiple coronavirus tests during the ongoing Thailand Open. Srikanth shared a series of photos of himself on Twitter, pointing out that the four tests he has had to undergo so far have all been unpleasant, calling the treatment meted out ‘unacceptable’.Also Read - Budget Could Consider Levying TDS/TCS On Crypto Trading, Make It Reportable in SFT

“We take care of ourselves for the match not to come and shed blood for THIS . However , I gave 4 tests after I have arrived and I can’t say any of them have been pleasant. Unacceptable,” Srikanth tweeted on Tuesday. Also Read - Only 29% People Get Full Cancellation Refund from Airlines During Covid Third Wave, Reveals Survey

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The Badminton World Federation is now working with organisers of the event “to ensure the safest and most comfortable conditions for all players and participants.”

The badminton’s global governing authority also explained the reason behind the bleeding.

“Kidambi Srikanth got a bloodied nose after undergoing multiple COVID-19 tests. The athlete had been swabbed three times earlier with the most recent one possibly causing irritation and fragility of the capillaries,” the BWF said in a statement.

“Therefore, when the swab was repeated on Tuesday, and factoring in the athlete’s tense nature, the position of the stick in the nasal passage was misaligned, which caused the slight bleeding noticed from the tip of the swab,” it added.

However, BWF said the Indian shuttler didn’t complain during the time of testing neither did the staff member notice any bleeding from his nose. “The COVID-19 staff member did not notice any bleeding from the athlete’s nose and there was no complaint from Kidambi at that point.” After about three to five minutes, another athlete from the India team reported that Kidambi had a nosebleed,”  it said.

“It is not known whether the athlete had blown his nose or stuck tissue up his nostrils which could have caused more blood vessels to rupture,” it added.

Srikanth is scheduled to open his campaign against compatriot Sourabh Verma today.