(Catch the live over by over updates as Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) takes on Hobart Hurricanes (HBH) at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on Thursday)

Kolkata Knight Riders 141/3 in 19.1 Overs 

J Kallis 54(40), Y Pathan 14(13)

Bollinger bowls the last over and Kallis hooks the ball to deep backward square-leg, Hifenhaus leaps, takes, no drops the catch and the balls lands over the ropes and Kolkata are through! Class=Kallis=permanance

Kolkata Knight Riders 135/3 in 19 Overs 

J Kallis 48(39), Y Pathan 14(13)

Penultimate over the match and its Doherty to lead the attack. ITS A SIX! a monstrous one and Jacques Kallis comes down the track to wallop the ball many a mile into the stadium. Its six needed from the last over. Kallis has delivered where it mattered

Kolkata Knight Riders 124/3 in 18 Overs 

J Kallis 40(36), Y Pathan 11(10)

Its the 18th over of the match and the slow wicket still makes the batsmen toil for boundaries. There Yusuf goes inside out and the ball is carted over extra-cover and pierces the outfield to go to the boundary.

Kolkata Knight Riders 116/3 in 17 Overs 

J Kallis 38(34), Y Pathan 5(6)

Yusuf has been sent in to finish this game with one final flourish. Gulbis is giving nothing away and this is a good over in the death. The batsman continue to find the going tough in this over and it is just five of the over.

Kolkata Knight Riders 111/3 in 16 Overs 

J Kallis 33(29),

Pandey goes for another big heave and he has not got much elevation on this and is….taken. There was a shout for a stumping in the previous over and that’s the end of a rather fortuitous stay at the crease. OUT! M Pandey c Shoaib Malik b Laughlin 40(32) 

Kolkata Knight Riders 105/2 in 15 Overs 

J Kallis 33(29), M Pandey 40(30)

Its Doherty Darters time and this guy is a T20 beast. Just as his team was losing their grasp of the contest, its a neat and tidy over to crank up the pressure.


Kolkata Knight Riders 100/2 in 14 Overs 

J Kallis 30(26), M Pandey 38(27)

Manish Pandey is in no mood for any more let offs and its a smashing six over long on. Kolkata are now in charge of the chase and these are big runs now and the Hobart side already sense defeat engulfing them.

Kolkata Knight Riders 92/2 in 13 Overs 

J Kallis 29(24), M Pandey 31(23)

Ben Hifenhaus is into the attack and its a wicket and a big one of Manish Pandey. Going for the big expansive drive, he just ends up nicking it to the keeper. Oh wait, that’s no-ball! Oh Hifly! Then Pandey capitalises and smashes the ball down the ground for a boundary. Then Hilfy over-pitches and the ball is thwarted on the leg is


Kolkata Knight Riders 81/2 in 12 Overs 

J Kallis 29(24), M Pandey 22(19)

I can hear the voices in  my head in Danny Morrison’s voice going Pandy comes in Handy. The hard-hitting Karnataka batsman is on the charge and smashes back-to-back boundaries of the the tepid bowling of Ben Laughlin.


Kolkata Knight Riders 71/2 in 11 Overs 

J Kallis 26(20), M Pandey 12(11)

More boundaries come in the form of Kallis as the run-rate catches up on the batsmen in the middle and there is some urgency in Pandey’s batting as well.



Kolkata Knight Riders 63/2 in 10 Overs 

J Kallis 25(19), M Pandey 9(9)

Finally, Kolkata get some respite as the Kallis and Pandey hit a couple of boundaries to get things going and the chase is in the balance again. Hobart had won the hounours back and should be credited for applying pressure on the formidable Kolkata attack.


Kolkata Knight Riders 63/2 in 10 Overs 

J Kallis 25(19), M Pandey 9(9)

There is a major slump in the run-rate and there is a not  single boundary in the last three overs. The run rate is looking perilously close to getting close to five.


Kolkata Knight Riders 51/2 in 9 Overs 

J Kallis 20(17), M Pandey 2(6)

There is a major slump in the run-rate and there is a not  single boundary in the last three overs. The run rate is looking perilously close to getting close to five.


Kolkata Knight Riders 46/2 in 8 Overs 

J Kallis 17(14), M Pandey 1(3)

Uthappa goes for a big heave and he is clean bowled. It is through the gate and its skipper Doherty with the strike. It is was a tidy over too and it is just two from the over. OUT! Robin Uthappa b Doherty 17(19),


Kolkata Knight Riders 44/1 in 7 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 17(19), J Kallis 16(12)

Evan Gulbis is introduced into he attack and the fielding is fighting to save every run on the field here. Yet another tight over. In other matters, Indian hockey team have beaten Pakistan in a shootout to win yet another gold. Catch the Live Updates of Day 13 of Asian Games 2014, Incheon here


Kolkata Knight Riders 39/1 in 6 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 15(14), J Kallis 14(10)

Its stand-in skipper Xavier Doherty and he perishes. First, it is Uthappa with a spanking drive and there is Kallis who pulls the ball and it stays hit. The balls rolls into the fence and its another boundary and the run-rate crosses six.


Kolkata Knight Riders 29/1 in 5 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 10(12), J Kallis 9(7)

The legendary all-rounder is under way and its a classic Jacques Kallis pull for a boundary. Just when we were thinking the South African was past it, another short delivery from Bollinger is pulled to the boundary yet again and Kolkata can breathe a sigh of relief after being under the cosh for a couple of overs.


Kolkata Knight Riders 21/1 in 4 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 9(8), J Kallis 1(1)

Gambhir perishes and its a tame shot to end a rather pitiable innings. Going for the flashy drive, the southpaw hits the ball straight to Jonathan Wells at short mid-wicket. “Just what the doctor ordered for Hobart”, a wise middle-aged Indian might say. OUT! Gautham Gambhir c Wells b Bollinger 4(11)


Kolkata Knight Riders 19/0 in 3 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 9(8), Gautham Gambhir 4(10)

Hilfenhaus is back and Gambhir is packed back with with the Australian offering no width whatsoever. Tremendous over as nothing comes off it.


Kolkata Knight Riders 18/0 in 2 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 9(8), Gautham Gambhir 3(4)

Its Dougie boogie in the second over. The line is fuller unlike Hifenhaus and the batsmen are watchful. The left-armer throws all that away, spraying the ball on the leg side and the keeper has no chance and a no-ball is called by the umpire too. Four wides. Final delivery of the over is overpitched and Gambhir drives down the ground.


Kolkata Knight Riders 8/0 in 1 Overs 

Robin Uthappa 8(6), Gautham Gambhir 0(0)

Ben Hifenhaus with the ball in the first over and the Indian Premier League purple cap holder is on his way, blazing a couple of boundaries to to get the chase under way. Eight runs comes of the first over.


Hobart Hurricanes 140/6 in 20 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 66(46), B Hifenhaus 0(1)

Andre Russell bowls the last over and Evan Gulbis departs after his cameo. The batsmen are trying to scamper for everything now and Gulbis sacrifices his wicket. Malik smashes a boundary off the last ball and that’s the end of the Malik flourish OUT! E Gulbis Run Out 15(8)


Hobart Hurricanes 131/5 in 19 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 59(42), E Gulbis 13(6)

Shoaib Malik shows all his experience and class and Kuldeep wilts in this over. The batsman was moving across and Shoaib just cross-bats everything to the gallery or into the fence. brilliant from Shoaib and 21 comes of the over. Priceless under the circumstances.


Hobart Hurricanes 110/5 in 18 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 38(35), E Gulbis 13(6)

Narine is back on and with the team desperately trying to find boundaries, the West Indian gives nothing away and its just seven from the over.


Hobart Hurricanes 103/5 in 17 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 34(33), E Gulbis 11(4)

Dismissal! and its Jonathan Wells perishing, trying to go over the infield for a long hop and its another one down. Evan Gulbis, on the other hand has made a cracking shot and immediately cracks a couple of shots to the fence. OUT! J Wells b Piyush Chawla 3(5)


Hobart Hurricanes 91/4 in 16 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 33(32), J Wells 3(5)

After a couple of expensive overs, its Kuldeep Yadav who is strikes back with yet another excellent over. Three from it.


Hobart Hurricanes 88/4 in 15 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 32(30), J Wells 1(1)

Piyush Chawla is being taken for a few and its Shoaib Malik who is leading the charge, coming down the track and hammering the ball miles down the sightscreen and into the crowd.


Hobart Hurricanes 78/4 in 14 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 23(25), J Wells 0(0)

Sunil Narine is back again and there is finally some urgency from the batsmen. Malik cuts the ball past the field for a boundary and then Birt too joins the act; chipping the ball over the infield for a couple. Narine has the last laugh though, with Birt going for one attacking shot too many and holing out in the deep to Ryan ten Doeschate. OUT! T Birt c Ten Doeschate b Narine 13(23)


Hobart Hurricanes 70/3 in 13 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 17(22), T Birt 11(20)

Piyush Chawla is back and finally the first six of the match is here and what a hit it was. It was hit straight down the ground and the ball sails over the sightscreen.


Hobart Hurricanes 61/3 in 12 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 10(18), T Birt 10(18)

Andre Russell’s pace is back and after what felt like there was light years’ of spin dominating the attack. After a terrible previous over, Birt is rattled  by Russell.


Hobart Hurricanes 58/3 in 11 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 9(17), T Birt 8(13)

The forgotten spin man Piyush Chawla is on and pitched on a good length area, the ball is turning away from the left-handed Birt. Shoaib Malik has been around for a while and he is still struggling to get the score a move on.


Hobart Hurricanes 54/3 in 10 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 8(16), T Birt 5(8)

Ben Dunk’s wicket has certainly broken the back of Hobart Hurricanes. More spin and is it Yusuf who is back for his last over. No lose deliveries and the batsmen are made to work hard for their runs yet again.


Hobart Hurricanes 48/3 in 9 Overs 

Shoaib Malik 7(14), T Birt 1(4)

The third one goes! Its Kuldeep who is turning out to be revelation here and its the big fish Ben Dunk who walks back to the pavilion. Dunk cuts but the ball gets some vicious turn off the rough and its a simple catch to skipper Gambhir at short-third man. OUT! B Dunk c Gambhir b Kuldep Yadav 39(29)


Hobart Hurricanes 46/2 in 8 Overs 

Ben Dunk 39(28), Shoaib Malik 6(13)

Personally thought that it was strange to continue with Yusuf Pathan after the initial damage but Gambhir stands vindicated and its yet another good over from Yusuf.


Hobart Hurricanes 40/2 in 7 Overs 

Ben Dunk 35(25), Shoaib Malik 4(11)

The Indian chinaman, Kuldeep Yadav is in operation for the first time in the match. From being a fringe player for a year or so, the Uttar Pradesh teenager has grown to become a vital cog in the spin triumvirate of Kolkata. Good over from the left-arm spinner.


Hobart Hurricanes 35/2 in 6 Overs 

Ben Dunk 32(21), Shoaib Malik 2(8)

Narine is back for his second over. Tidy as usual and only two singles comes of the first two balls. Last ball of the powerplay overs is a losener and cracked away to the off-side fence by Dunk as he grows in confidence.


Hobart Hurricanes 28/2 in 5 Overs 

Ben Dunk 27(19), Shoaib Malik 0(4)

After an impeccable first over, Andre Russell over-pitches and Dunk crashes the ball to the cover fence. Then Dunk lofts the ball down the ground and the ball rolls in to the boundary after bouncing just before the rope. Another bad delivery and the ball is pulled venomously on the leg-side, but Manish Pandey makes a brilliant effort to cut the ball off. No run. More frustration for Russell as a top edge from Dunk’s bat flies over wicket-keeper Uthappa’s head and its another four.


Hobart Hurricanes 16/2 in 4 Overs 

Ben Dunk 15(13), Shoaib Malik 0(4)

Two quick breakthroughs and the runs are hard to come by. Dream start for Gambhir and to rub salt in the Australians’ wounds, Sunil Narine is into the attack. As usual, the line is impeccable and all the suspect action accusations during the week has hardly deterred the West Indian. Just three comes of the over its business as usual for the Guyanese.


Hobart Hurricanes 13/2 in 3 Overs 

Ben Dunk 13(9), Shoaib Malik 0(2)

Oh, there is no shortage of entertainment in Hyderabad here. Yusuf continues for his second over and is spanked for two back-to-back boundaries in the over. The strike is rotated and Aiden Blizzard is trapped in front first ball. Tight call but the umpire gives the batsman his marching orders. Shoaib Malik has come to the crease. OUT! A Blizzard lbw b Yusuf Pathan 0(1)


Hobart Hurricanes 4/1 in 2 Overs 

Ben Dunk 4(6),

Dom Michael is struggling with Andre Russell’s canny medium-pacers. The bowling is on target and  then the batsman chips the ball back of the last delivery and the West Indian all-rounder takes a superb diving catch to strike first blood. OUT! Dom Michael c &b Russell 0(6)



Hobart Hurricanes 3/0 in 1 Over 

Ben Dunk 3(5), Dom Michael 0(1)

Yusuf Pathan starts the attack for Kolkata, as was the case in their previous fixture as well. Its tidy stuff from Yusuf and the its sloppy fielding that bring the first runs on the board. Its a tidy over and even the otherwise aggressive Ben Dunk is tied down.


Xavier Doherty will lead the team in place of Tim Paine in the semi-final.

Hobart: Ben Dunk, Dom Michael, Aiden Blizzard, Shoaib Malik, Travis Birt, Jonathan Wells, Evan Gulbis, Ben Hilfenhaus, Xavier Doherty (c), Ben Laughlin, Doug Bollinger

Kolkata: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa, Jacques Kallis, Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Ryan ten Doeschate, Suryakumar Yadav, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Sunil Narine

 Toss: Hobart Hurricanes win toss and elect to bat

Hello and welcomes to the live over-by-over cricket updates as Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will look to extend their winning streak of 13 wins and seal a place in finals of Champions League T20 (CLT20) 2014 when they square off against Hobart Hurricanes from down under. KKR continued their impressive run from IPL 7 and finished undefeated in the group A, while Hurricanes occupied second spot behind Kings XI Punjab in group B to make it to semis.

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KKR have dominated the proceedings in almost every game and achieved some fine wins in close encounters. Thanks largely to their spin trio of Sunil Narine, Piyush Chawla and the latest entrant Kuldeep Sharma KKR’s bowling has been the dangerous one on display in the CLT20 2014. With all-rounders like Andre Russell, Jacques Kallis, Ryan Ten Doeschate and Yusuf Pathan rolling their arms, Gautam Gambhir has perhaps variety of options to look to in the semis and bowling should not be a cause of concern for KKR.

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In batting department KKR have had a different heroes in all league matches. Andre Russell and Ten Doeschate starred in the opening match against Chennai Super Kings, captain Gambhir led from the front against Lahore Lions, Suryakumar Yadav played a match winning innings against Perth Scorchers and Robin Uthappa and Manish Pandey stunned Dolphins. All in all KKR have a pretty balanced side and the best thing for them is everyone is in form and has contributed to team’s success.

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Kolkata Knight Riders: Robin Uthappa(w), Gautam Gambhir(c), Jacques Kallis, Manish Pandey, Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Sunil Narine, Kuldeep Yadav, Vinay Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Pat Cummins, Manvinder Bisla

Hobart Hurricanes: Ben Dunk, Tim Paine(c & w), Aiden Blizzard, Shoaib Malik, Travis Birt, Jonathan Wells, Ben Hilfenhaus, Xavier Doherty, Ben Laughlin, Doug Bollinger, Evan Gulbis, Dominic Michael, Sam Rainbird, Cameron Boyce, Joe Mennie