How does it feel when the sun starts gleaming after prolonged dark clouds in the sky?Also Read - Pushkar Sharma Shines With New Endorsement Deal With 'Fast&Up'

Similar has been the scenario for former U-16 Mumbai captain, Pushkar Sharma. He lost his father when he was at the peak of his career during teenage days and since then, his journey was halted by obstacles and hurdles. Things weren’t rosy at all but the constant support from his family and his self believe made sure that Pushkar Shamra is not gonna give up on his dreams anyway. Also Read - Gautam Gambhir Has Always Inspired me - Former Mumbai U-16 Captain Pushkar Sharma

But after all those hurdles and obstacles , here is the good news. Pushkar Sharma signs his first endorsement deal with leading foodtech company, ‘Pintola peanut butter’. Sharma has been no less than a cricketing celebrity when it comes to his social media genres. He has gained as many as 48k Instagram followers, through his cricketing stints and flair in shayri’s. Also Read - Indian-Origin Man Charged With Killing, Sexually Abusing His Mom on Mother's Day in New York

Earlier in his career,his coach Digambar sir shared with him an opportunity to play in one of the very renowned cricket Leagues in Africa, for which he had to leave for Kenya for a month. The task was almost impossible for Pushkar but he decided to take the tough route and embarked upon the give opportunity.

Apart from getting to play for the Indiafirst Life isurance company, he also got a job offer to work for them. People around him have been very kind and supportive and inturn he didn’t disappoint him. Later on ,he also got an opportunity to play for the Eldoret Elephants in the African Premiere League and amassed everyone with his blisterring performance.

After getting featured by Indiafirst Life insurance company, blackbird sports, Pintola peanut butter is another major breakthrough in his cricketing career.

It is hopefull that the stylish swashbuckling southpaw will be all guns blazing towards a great career from here on.