The postponement of the French Open in wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic has created a sense of uproar among people, and Grand Slam winner Sania Mirza reckons the behaviour is not ideal in the current scenario. Also Read - 'It Was Spreading Like Fire,' Sania Mirza Explains COVID-19 Scare

The French Open was moved to September and it was an information that was released on Twitter which upset people of the tennis fraternity in one way or other, to which Mirza urged people to remain patient and not panic. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Sania Mirza Steps Forward to Raise Funds For Daily Wage Workers

“A lot of them literally found out from social media and not through our federations or associations. That’s what I think people were a little bit more irritated about,” Sania told Times Of India. “There are so many question marks until we get up there. So we are just going to have to really wait and watch. I don’t think we need to overreact to everything that’s being said because right now, playing tennis or winning a tennis match seems pretty irrelevant in the scheme of things that are going on.” Also Read - AFI Confirms Postponement of Fed Cup C'ships in View of COVID-19 Pandemic

Sania recently teamed up with Ankita Raina to play the Fed Cup in Dubai but the tournament, like many other sporting events was called off. Incidentally, two days after Mirza and Raina had qualified for the Playoffs, reports of a Pune-based couple who had returned from Dubai testing positive for COVID-19, surfaced.

“When we were actually there, it had not hit (Dubai) as bad. When we were playing, there were not a lot of people who were coming to watch. It was pretty secluded. We played a few matches without ball kids because of the hygiene and because the kids needed to avoid touching the ball,” Mirza said.

“If it had hit that hard, I probably wouldn’t have got on that flight to America (for the Indian Wells event which was later cancelled) which I did. So at that point we were pretty confident that we were safe.”

The intelligent thing to do, Sania, as soon as she came to know that she may have been in the proximity of the virus, put herself in self isolation along with her father, although she admitted they were doing fine and didn’t feel the need to get tested just yet.

“I don’t think we have anxiety. I haven’t stepped out of the house since I’ve come. It’s been five days and I’m going to keep it like that at least for the next 14 days because I wouldn’t want anything to spread even if I’m an asymptomatic spreader, is what I’ve understood,” Sania added.

“But I don’t think we are planning to take any test because it’s just not recommended to go and take a test if you don’t have any symptoms.”