After Argentina star Lionel Messi received a red-card during the Copa America clash against Chile and slammed South American football governing body CONMEBOL, Brazil coach Tite opined that Messi needs to have more respect and ‘accept when he is beaten.’ The incident took place when Argentina was playing against Chile for the third and fourth position in the tournament. Chile’s Gary Medal and Messi were handed red cards in the 37th minute of the match. Messi was handed his first red-card in a 14-year-long span and this decision did not go well with the striker as he bashed CONMEBOL, saying the whole tournament was set up for Brazil’s win.Also Read - LIVE Football Transfer News: Cristiano Ronaldo Offered To THIS Club

“The one I treated as extraordinary, as extraterrestrial, needs to have more respect and accept when he is beaten,” quoted Tite as saying. Despite Messi absence, Argentina managed to thrash Chile by 2-1 to secure the third position. In the semi-finals, Brazil defeated Argentina by 2-0 on July 3. Tite also stated that they also suffered in games because of referees and played a fair game against Argentina. Also Read - AIFF Suspends Staff Member After India U-17 Women's Football Team Alleges Misconduct Charges

“We were harmed [by referees] in several games. We played fair against Argentina the whole time. I am being honest. He put huge pressure [on] because of his reputation,” he said. However, Tite did admit that Messi only deserved a yellow card at max. “He was expelled in an unfair way. It was Medel. For him, it was a yellow card, at max,” Tite said. Also Read - Viral Video: This Super Cute Clip of Dogs Playing Catch With Balloon Will Make Your Day Brighter | Watch

Brazil defeated Peru by 3-1 in the Copa America final to lift the title on Monday.