He is someone who revolutionized Barcelona. He one of football’s greatest names too, and he goes by the name Johan Cruyff. It is not like Lionel Messi doesn’t deserve all the aforementioned tags, he most certainly does. This piece of skill was the former Barca and Ajax maverick’s baby.

Cruyff had introduced so many new techniques in football, and had a penchant for the outrageous. The ‘Cruyff turn’ is immensely popular even four decades after he pulled it off while there is also the sporadically tried ‘Cruyff penalty’.

The Penalty is quite tricky and the players can come across as silly if it isn’t executed well, just ask Thierry Henry and Robert Pires. Here is how it’s taken: The person taking the penalty takes his run up and lays down a pass to a supporting runner, who is the brains behind the whole operation. It is he who takes the final kick on goal. Here is a testimonial match for Cruyff and Messi passes the ball to Luis Suarez, who ghosts in from the back and thumps the ball into the net. It was unselfish play from the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and a sweet way to pay tribute to the Dutch legend, who is currently fighting against Cancer.  Watch the video below: