There are mortals and there is a Lionel Messi. Had this goal been scored by another footballer, we would have been talking about it for another year. People will stop waxing lyrical about this goal in the matter of days. That is how mundane Messi has made brilliant goal or the sheer thrill of going past defenders and scoring a wonder goal. Also Read - Lionel Messi Selected in Argentina's FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier Squad

This is the Copa Del Rey final and Barcelona, playing at home in the colossal Camp Nou are looking for their first goal. Messi, on the left flank is thinking about his next move. Iniesta comes in for support and the Argentinean passes the ball to his skipper, who puts him through. In a sudden change of pace, Messi wriggles past three players converging on him. Also Read - Lionel Messi to Miss El Classico vs Real Madrid in LaLiga Due to FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

He nutmegs one of the defenders and speeds ahead and just like how a superhero finds himself facing an army of bad men in his way, Messi finds more defenders trying to stop him. He then outsmarts the left back, cuts in on his left and thumps the ball to the bottom left corner. It was a sensational finish! Messi scored one more later in the game as Barcelona ran out 3-1 winners to complete a domestic double. Also Read - 'Lionel Messi is a Player For Barcelona', Man City Coach Pep Guardiola Breaks Silence