Papakouli Diop123

London, May 5: Spanish football club Levante UD midfielder Papakouli Diop has accused Atletico Madrid fans of racism saying that he had been responding to their monkey chants when he danced in front of them following his side’s 2-0 win over the La Liga leaders. Diop said that he was going to take a corner when some of the Atletico fans started making monkey chants, so he danced to defuse the situation.

However, Diop’s reaction to Atletico‘s fans provoked outrage among the club players after a game that threatens their Spanish title bid, the BBC reported. The Senegalese footballer said that his dance had not been intended to provoke Atletico fans following their unexpected defeat.

Diop said that he has nothing against the Atletico fans because it had been a section only who chanted. The midfielder said that it is a lack of respect a player gets at all stadiums, adding that it is a provocation.Diop said that he does not know if one can call it racism but these monkey chants have to stop.