Highlights India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4 Melbourne: India came within sniffing distance of a defining victory before a stoic resistance by Australia’s tail delayed the inevitable in the third Test on Saturday. Pat Cummins scored a heroic half-century as Australia finished at 258 for eight at stumps on day four after being reduced to 176 for seven after tea. At end of the play, he had scored an unbeaten 61 runs, facing 103 balls and hitting five fours as well as a six, while Nathan Lyon was batting on 6, as they put on 43 runs for the ninth wicket. Australia need another 141 runs for an improbable win, while India are two wickets away from a 2-1 series lead. Post tea, Travis Head (34) and Tim Paine Post-teak their sixth-wicket partnership to 22 runs. The duo cut down on risky scoring shots and played for time. India tried everything possible to get the final two wickets, with skipper Virat Kohli even convincing the umpires to go for the extra half-hour/eight overs seeing the possibility of a result. (AUS vs IND 3rd Test SCORECARD) Also Read - IND vs NZ WTC Final Match Report: Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma Bring India Back But Tim Southee Gives New Zealand Edge by Removing Openers on Day 5

Highlights, India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 4 From MCG Also Read - MATCH HIGHLIGHTS WTC Final IND vs NZ, Today DAY 5 Cricket Updates: Kohli-Pujara in; India Lead New Zealand by 32 Runs at STUMPS

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13.03 IST: A fine, fine performance from Pat Cummins. He’s ensured that this Boxing Day Test goes into the final day. He put on two partnerships of substance – the first with Starc worth 39 and the next with Lyon, unbeaten on 43. It says a lot about the Australian side that Pat Cummins of all of them is the one to score their first fifty in this Test. Had the others stuck around and showed the same kind of temperament and application as Cummins, then things might have been much different right now. India did well for the most part. Got rid of the top and middle order without much trouble, but as it has been the case for them on most occasions, failed to run through the tail. Actually, you could argue that they could have plucked those wickets earlier too had Virat Kohli been a little more brave and kept an attacking field. There were a few edges which flew through vacant catching positions. All did well for the most part, with everyone chipping in with the wickets barring Vihari.

12.58 IST:

12.56 IST: Brave Show by Cummins!

12.53 IST: Cummins survives. Full and attacking the stumps, it’s worked in front of square leg for a single. This match lives to see another day. STUMPS ON DAY 4! Australia 258/8 & 151 at Stumps, need 141 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.). Cummins 61*, Jadeja 3/82, Bumrah 2/53

12.45 IST:

12.41 IST: What a Guy, Take Bow – Pat Cummins!

12.38 IST: FOUR! FIFTY for PAT CUMMINS!  This is Cummins’ second half-century in Test cricket. He equals his highest score in this format too. He’s been Australia’s shining star in this game hands down. First did the business with the ball, is now going strong with the bat too. He drives this full delivery through the covers and finds the fence. Australia 244/8 & 151, need 155 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

12.34 IST: The second new ball is available and has been taken. Bumrah wastes no time in having a go with it. Seaming in from a good length around off, Pat dabs it to the cover area from inside his crease. Australia 234/8 & 151, need 165 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

12.20 IST: Jasprit Bumrah back for a quick burst. We are hearing that India have taken the extra half an hour to bowl out the last two wickets. Almost had him first ball! Cummins goes for the drive to this one on a length outside off, but the ball takes the inside edge and runs to fine leg for a single. Very close to the off pole. Australia 229/8 & 151, need 170 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

12.10 IST: Nicely placed. Cummins opens the face to this full ball outside off and drives it square through point. Three runs are taken. Australia 226/8 & 151, need 173 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.56 IST: That’s hit the TIMBER!

11.53 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami removes Mitchell Starc for 18. Bowled ’em! India one step closer to a famous victory. Shami continues from around the wicket and as always, keeps attacking the stumps, it comes in on a fuller length around off and Starc goes for the big shot. Leaves a big gap between bat and pad and the ball shatters the stumps behind. Australia 215/8 & 151, need 184 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.51 IST:  FOUR! Around off and on a good length, Starc plays it away from his body and gets a thick edge. It runs past gully and away to the third man fence for a boundary. Australia 215/7 & 151, need 184 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.41 IST: FOUR! Fine placement and timing from Pat Cummins. It’s a bit short and with some room on offer outside off, the batsman cuts this square past point and beats the chasing fielder to the fence. Australia 201/7 & 151, need 198 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.35 IST: SIX! That’s outta here! Pat Cummins makes a sweet connection on this one. Sees the flight, plants his front foot forward and smokes it over long off for a biggie.  Australia 196/7 & 151, need 203 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.30 IST: FOUR! That’s a clean hit from Starc. Full and right in the slot from around the wicket, Starc stands his ground and lofts it over mid-on to find the fence. Australia 189/7 & 151, need 210 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

11.19 IST: Pant wins the battle vs Paine!

11.15 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja removes Tim Paine for 26. Another one absolutely against the run of play and with no help off the surface. The skipper is gone! Australia are seven down and India have one foot in the door now. The trick of coming over the wicket has somehow worked. Jadeja pulls his length slightly back this time and Paine is induced into the cut off the backfoot. The ball keeps a tad bit low and takes the under edge on its way through and Pant holds on for a really smart catch. The Indians have broken this annoying partnership and smell an early finish to this game possibly even on Day 4 now. Australia 176/7 & 151, need 223 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

10.51 IST: Bouncer aimed at the helmet! Cummins fends this off pretty uncomfortably again. There is no short leg in place though. Actually, there is, but a little too away from the pitch for my liking. Needs to be closer to bring the lobbed glove catch into play. Australia 162/6 & 151, need 237 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

10.35 IST: Ishant is Pumped at MCG!

10.32 IST: OUT! Ishant Sharma gets into the action, he removes Travis Head for 34. A wicket against the run of play! Can you believe it? Chopped on, it is the first for Ishant and a distraught Travis Head has to walk off. Australia 157/6 & 151, need 242 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

10.15 IST: Edged and FOUR! Second time lucky too! This one is much finer though. The ball is on a good length and takes the outside edge of Paine who was looking to push this through the covers. The ball flies wide of Pujara at first slip and to the fence. Good bowling this by Shami. AUS 151/5 & 151, need 248 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.) at MCG

10.11 IST: ‘Time to give it back’ – Pant to Paine!

10.02 IST: FOUR! Rusty from Shami after the break. Strays down the leg side and Paine flicks it away really fine for a boundary. AUS 142/5 & 151 at Tea, need 257 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

10.01 IST: We are back for the final session of Day 4. Could possibly be the final session of the game too if things go India’s way. Australia have their hopes pinned on Travis Head and Tim Paine who are making their way to the middle. The latter will take  trike on the first ball. Mohammed Shami to bowl. A very straight short mid-on in place.

… Day 4, Evening Session …

09.45 IST: Much like the spinning ball, it’s been a gripping session of Test cricket. In 28 overs, 94 runs were scored for the loss of 3 wickets. The Indians have gone about their business in a rather professional manner. They did face some resistance, but eventually ,they got what they desired. Khawaja went first, followed by both the Marsh brothers. Shami, Bumrah and Jadeja all got one apiece, and they are now against the last recognized batting pair of Head and Paine.

09.43 IST: #TeamIndia 5 wickets away from creating history @MCG!

09.41 IST: Tossed up and just outside off, Head plants his front foot forward and blocks it with the full face. TEA ON DAY 4! Australia 138/5 & 151 at Tea, need 261 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.). Head 29*, S Marsh 44, Bumrah 2/22, Jadeja 2/63

09.32 IST: Another failure for younger Marsh!

09.29 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja removes Mitchell Marsh for 10. One Marsh went before, the other one now follows him back. Bit of a soft dismissal to be honest. Jadeja comes from around the wicket and tosses it up outside off, Mitchell Marsh comes forward and drives it on the up with hard hands. Can’t keep it down and he hands a sharp catch to skipper Virat Kohli at short extra cover. Australia need 264 to win, while India need 5 more wickets. Australia 135/5 & 151, need 264 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

09.23 IST: SIX! That’s a huuuuggggeeeeee hit! Talk about brute force from Mitchell Marsh. It’s tossed right up there, in the slot and the right-hander just dispatches this out of his sight. Gets low and hammers it over wide long on for a maximum. Australia 133/4 & 151, need 266 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

09.10 IST: FOUR! Welcomes Ishant with a boundary. Overpitched delivery outside off, Travis Head drives this hard past mid off and the ball wins the race to the rope, leaving the chasing fielder with no chance. Australia 123/4 & 151, need 276 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

09.03 IST: Poor Shaun Marsh, it was a close call!

08.57 IST: Review! This could be the turning point in the game. Shaun Marsh is caught leg before and he’s immediately reviewed it. Let’s see what happens. It looks close.  OUT! It’s umpire’s call and so, the on-field call will stay. Shaun Marsh has departed after playing a solid knock. Who else but Bumrah to provide the breakthrough. He comes from around the wicket and angles in a length ball on middle and leg. Marsh looks to flick it down the leg side but misses and is rapped on the pads. A big appeal goes up and the umpire raises his finger. Shaun, after speaking with his partner, signals the ‘T’. It’s taken upstairs and replays show that it’s the clipping leg. Australia doesn’t lose the review, but they lose something bigger. Australia 114/4 & 151, need 285 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

08.45 IST: SIX! The 100 is up for Australia. Shaun Marsh stays positive, gives the charge to Jadeja and gets close to the pitch. Smokes it flat over long on for half a dozen. Australia 104/3 & 151, need 295 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

08.41 IST: Drinks are on the field. India steadily building towards that win. Shami got rid of Khawaja, but since then the elder Marsh and Head have somewhat steadied things up and look solid. Still 304 to win, but pretty sure they’re not thinking about it right now. No sign of rain yet, which is a good thing.

08.37 IST: Right from the middle of the bat!

08.35 IST: Peach! Another bouncer! This time really fast and rears off the same length as the previous delivery. Head manages to keep his gloves out of the way thankfully for the Aussies. Australia 92/3 & 151, need 307 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

08.23 IST: FOUR! Fuller one wide outside off from Jadeja, Head connects beautifully and puts it in the gap through the covers. The ball has the legs to reach the fence. Some wayward bowling here. AUS 82/3 & 151, need 317 runs to win vs IND (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

08.15 IST: Waste of a Review!

08.09 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami removes Usman Khawaja for 33. What an absolute ripper from Shami. Khawaja can stick around for long, long periods in the game, so it’s a vital moment in this Test match. Australia 63/3 & 151, need 336 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

07.57 IST: FOUR! Cut away and cut away hard. Khawaja is offered a lot of room outside off, so he free his arms and flays it past the diving point fielder for a boundary. Australia 61/2 & 151, need 338 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

07.51 IST: Nasty Blow!

07.48 IST: Mayank Agarwal is receiving medical treatment from the physio now.  A slight halt in play as a result. That’s got to hurt. Ouch. Nasty blow. Tossed up on the stumps, Khawaja gets low and sweeps this hard. Ends up hitting Mayank Agarwal at short leg on the side of neck. Bit dangerous, he’s lucky it didn’t hit him in the front. AUS 54/2 & 151, need 345 runs to win vs IND (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

07.45 IST: FOUR! That’s a beautiful shot. Full and outside off, Marsh drives it with the full face of the bat and past mid off for a boundary. AUS 54/2 & 151, need 345 runs to win vs IND (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

07.41 IST: We are back for the post-Lunch session. Usman Khawaja and Shaun Marsh walk out to the middle, followed by the Indian fielders and the umpires. SOS to take first strike. Mohammed Shami to bowl.

… Fourth Day, Afternoon Session …

07.15 IST: Another good session for #TeamIndia!

07.10 IST: Bumrah once again delivered the goods as he got rid of Finch early and then, Jadeja dismissed Harris soon after. Khawaja and Marsh safely negotiated the remainder of the session, but you can sense India will try to capitalize in the afternoon session with the wicket deteriorating further. It’s still quite overcast out there, with the rain expected to interfere, so it’s both good and bad news if it happens, depending on which side you support. The second session should be an exciting one, provided it happens. Join us on the other side of the break.

07.04 IST:

07.02 IST: India well and truly on top. After scoring 52 runs today and finishing on 106/8, they set a target of 399 in front of the Australians. Australia 44/2 & 151 at Lunch, need 355 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.). Khawaja 26*, Bumrah 1/12, Jadeja 1/20

06.51 IST:

06.45 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja removes Marcus Harris for 13. GOT ‘EM! Agarwal holds on to this one. This is a very good catch from the debutant. Jadeja lands it on the rough outside off and it kicks off from there. Turns in as Harris is forward to defend. It goes off the inside edge and flies to Mayank at short leg, who takes it. Not cleanly, but it sticks between his forearm and body. Doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. India have another wicket Australia 33/2 & 151, need 366 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

06.41 IST: FOUR! Amazing shot from Harris. Full and on the stumps, the opener presents a straight bat in response and times the drive to perfection as he places it through mid on. A boundary results. AUS 32/1 & 151, need 367 runs to win vs IND (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

06.32 IST: FOUR! This is good, positive batting from Usman Khawaja. He skips down the track, gets close to the pitch and lofts it cleanly over mid off for a boundary. Australia 24/1 & 151, need 375 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

06.23 IST: Edged and FOUR! Khawaja is lucky to survive this. The ball is doing all sorts of things for Bumrah. Full ball angling in but then straightens up after pitching. Khawaja looks to flick and gets a leading edge as a result. Much to his fortune, it flies well past gully and runs away to the third man fence. Australia 16/1 & 151, need 383 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

06.15 IST: Dream start for India!

06.10 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah removes Aaron Finch for 3. The first one goes! Caught at second slip. Bumrah draws first blood, Finch falls cheaply yet again. Length ball outside off, Finch just hangs his bat trying to cut it away. The ball takes the edge and flies to Virat Kohli at second slip, who doesn’t make any mistake. Well taken and Australia are one down in the second over of their innings itself. Australia 6/1 & 151, need 393 runs to win vs India (443/7dec. & 106/8dec.)

06.04 IST: Marcus Harris and Aaron Finch are at the crease. Harris will take the strike. Ishant Sharma will open the attack for India.

06.00 IST: And that’s it from the visitor’s!

05.58 IST: And with that dismissal, Virat Kohli calls the batsmen off and India have declared on 106-8. AUSTRALIA NEED 399 TO WIN! A quick moving hour of play this morning. The Indians came out playing their shots and eventually lost wickets as well. It didn’t matter that much as they have added 53 runs to their overnight lead. The Indian second innings was about Mayank Agarwal again as the opener scored a good-looking 42 to follow up his 76 in the first dig. But more than him, the second innings was about Pat Cummins who picked up six wickets. 4 of them came the previous evening where he had the two best Indian batsmen out for ducks. This morning again, he started from one end and kept the fire going. The pitch helped him as picked the wicket of Agarwal with one that kept low and got to his fifth. Then, bounced out Jadeja with a snorter of a ball. The last one to fall was Pant who was caught behind off a Hazlewood delivery. The Indians will not mind this too much as they got what they came for and scored the runs they think they required.

05.55 IST: What a performance by the Smiling Assassin – Pat Cummins!

05.53 IST: OUT! Josh Hazlewood removes Rishabh Pant for 33. Pant departs looking to score off an innovative stroke. Hazlewood bangs it short on middle and leg, Pant makes room, looks to ramp it over the keeper’s head but can get it only as far as Paine behind. Simple take for him. India 106/8 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 392 runs

05.51 IST: SIX! Right out of the screws. BANG! Take that, Josh Hazlewood. Pant shows no mercy. Wow. The big pacer comes from around the wicket and fires it full outside off, Rishabh Pant just throws everything behind this and bludgeons it straight back over the bowler’s head for a maximum. Amazing hit. India 106/7 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 392 runs

05.45 IST: OUT! Cummins got a six-for, Ravindra Jadeja departs for 5. Bounced him out! Cummins has six! Might not be very important in the context of the game but mighty good performance from the quick. The previous ball was well outside off but this bouncer was aimed at the body and immediately, Jadeja is uncomfortable. He tries to fend it off on the leg side but the ball lobs off the glove and flies towards Usman Khawaja at gully who comes ahead and takes this catch. Cummins has bowled beautifully yesterday and today, gets his sixth. India are effectively 392/7 now. India 100/7 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 392 runs

05.43 IST: FOUR! Shot! 100 up for India in 2nd innings. Short-arm jab over mid-wicket and all the way for a boundary. Short of a length ball outside off, Jadeja pulls this front of square on the leg side and holds his pose for the cameras. India 100/6 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 392 runs at MCG.

05.40 IST:

05.37 IST:

05.35 IST: FOUR! Stand and deliver stuff from Rishabh Pant. Produces these brilliant shots every now and then. This ball is on a shorter length outside off, Pant stands tall and punches this one off the back foot towards cover and the ball reaches the fence. Deep point cannot come around in time to stop it. IND 92/6 & 443/7dec., lead AUS (151) by 384 runs at MCG.

05.23 IST: OUT! Pat Cummins removes Mayank Agarwal for 42. Bowled ’em! The ball has snuck through and disturbed the timber. Fifer for Pat Cummins, 3rd of his Test career. No consecutive fifties for Agarwal as he departs for 42. The ball has kept low once again and Mayank, who was in two minds due to the pitch misbehaving in this overplays this one back in the crease. The short of a length ball on off does not rise enough and the opener who tries to put his bat down and prevent the ball from going on to his stumps, cannot do so. The ball goes off the under edge and onto disturb the off stump. Well batted from Agarwal but not much one could do there. But take nothing away from Cummins, he has bowled exceptionally well here and deserved this 5-wicket haul. Has run in hard every single ball. India 83/6 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 375 runs at MCG.

05.21 IST:  FOUR BYES! That has gone through everything. Pacy and incredible movement after landing, must have hit a crack or something on the wicket. The deviation is huge after landing on off and middle. Agarwal who was looking to drive this uppishly back down the ground is beaten between his bat and pads and the ball misses his leg stump due to the ball seaming and bouncing. Paine too, can’t get a hand on it and the ball runs away for four byes. India 83/5 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 375 runs at MCG.

05.15 IST: Any prediction for Day 4?

05.11 IST: Two back-to-back sixes from Mayank’s bat! SIX! It’s huge! Looped outside off and Agarwal has his dancing shoes on as he comes down the track and lifts it over long off for a biggie. Lovely shot especially against the turn. Looks like Mayank has come out with a set plan. India 73/5 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 365 runs at MCG.

05.04 IST: Oooh! that would excite Jadeja. The ball gripped and turned and bounced as well. Landed on off with some loop, the ball turns a long way to beat the outside edge of Pant’s bat as he came ahead to defend. India 56/5 & 443/7dec., lead Australia (151) by 348 runs at MCG.

05.01 IST: The players and umpires have made their way onto the ground. Nathan Lyon to begin proceedings and Mayank Agarwal will take strike for India, Rishabh Pant at the non-striker’s end. The umpire says ‘Play’ and here we go!

04.57 IST: Memorable Morning for India’s Boom Boom!

04.56 IST:

04.51 IST: After two slow-moving days on Day 1 and Day 2, Day 3 was just what this Test needed to come to life and boy, did it spring to life or what? Never mind what team’s supporter you are, what you want to see is tough Test cricket and a great battle between bat and ball. 15 wickets fell, India decided they did not want to bat fourth for some reason, Australia reduced the visitors to 54/5 by the end of the day to remain valid in the game. What did the game not have? Wonderful for viewership and the Test is back alive, but one would have to believe that despite their poor start in the 2nd innings, India do hold the cards in the game with the 346-run lead they have currently.

04.45 IST: Some performance by this man on Day 3 – Jasprit Bumrah!

04.40 IST:

04.35 IST: Day 4 of the 3rd Test of the Border-Gavaskar trophy is nicely poised and it’ll be interesting to see how they day pans out.

04.30 IST: Hello and Welcome to our live coverage of the third Test between Australia and India from the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Brief Preview: Australian batsmen had no answer to Jasprit Bumrah’s brilliance as the Indian pacer bowled one of the finest spells of fast bowling in the modern era at the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Friday. Bumrah tied up Aussies in knots with his immaculate line and length, giving India the decisive advantage that withstood a second innings batting collapse in the third Test. Called a “genius” on air by Australia’s former captain Michael Clarke, Bumrah’s career-best figures of 6/33 in 15.5 overs also made him the first bowler from the subcontinent to take a five-for or more in South Africa, England and Australia in the same year (Australia vs India – Day 3 Highlights)

At the end of day three, India, after bowling out Australia for 151 in response to their first innings total of 443/7 declared, took a 346-run lead. The visitors were struggling at 54/5 in 27 overs in their second essay but had the upper hand. (Read Full Day 3 Report – AUS vs IND)