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Live Cricket Score Updates, India vs Australia 2014-15 1st Test, Day 3 at Adelaide: IND 369/5 at Stumps

Catch the live cricket score updates between India and Australia - First Test, Day 3 at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide on Thursday here

Updated: December 11, 2014 1:26 PM IST

By Aayush Puthran

Live Cricket Score Updates, India vs Australia 2014-15 1st Test, Day 3 at Adelaide: IND 369/5 at Stumps

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(Catch the live cricket score updates between India and Australia – First Test, Day 3 at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide on Thursday here)

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It was a good day of cricket. See you tomorrow at 5:00 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). Till then have a good time and in case you missed today’s live action, you can watch the video highlights of Day 3 of the match between India and Australia at Adelaide here

India 369 for 5  Rohit Sharma 33* Wriddhiman Saha 1* This was a good day of cricket. On a batting pitch, India scored at a good clip. One century and three half-centuries from the Indian top-order. This kind of form has been missing from India in Tests, especially abroad. Virat Kohli led the way for India with his fine century. On the other hand, Australia also bowled way, especially Mitchell Johnson and Nathan Lyon. Michael Clasrke showed a positive intent with his captaincy as he looked to attack throughout the day.

However, the highlight of the day was how the Australian players came to check on Virat Kohli and Miotchell Johnson after Kohli washit on the helmet off his first delivery while facing Johnson. Read Virat Kohli, get ready for a f***ing broken head…no more

India 367 for 5  Rohit Sharma 32* Wriddhiman Saha 0* Wriddhiman Saha who has come out to bat following the dismissal of Virat Kohli is welcomed with a well-directed bouncer which hit hard on his fingers. Johnson follows it away with a chest high delivery just angling away from his body. This is  Mitchell Johnson at his best!

India 367 for 5  Rohit Sharma 32* Late on Day Three, India lose the wicket of Virat Kohli, who was looking brilliant in the middle. Mitchell Johnson peppered him with a few short-pitched deliveries which eventually led to his downfall. The Indian skipper tried to pull Johnson, but holed out to the fielder at fine leg. Virat Kohli c Harris b Johnson 115 (184b). 

India 363 for 4  Virat Kohli 113* Rohit Sharma 30* There have been way too many leg before wicket appeals that have been turned down, especially against Nathan Lyon. Nonetheless, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are going along smoothly. They have put on 70 runs for the fifth wicket partnership.

India 355 for 4  Virat Kohli 112* Rohit Sharma 23* This is as good spell as one could’ve seen from Nathan Lyon. It is heartening to see Nathan Lyon bowl so well on a Day three batting track, with a relatively new ball. The off-spinner has possibly been the best bowler of the match and definitly the one who has most troubled the Indian batsmen.

India 346 for 4  Virat Kohli 107* Rohit Sharma 19* Rohit Sharma is enjoying every time the ball is pitched up. He is more control while playing on the front foot. His aggressive play has put Australia on the back foot. Mitchell Marsh is straying with his line and length. Both the batsmen in the middle – Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are looking to match up to Australia’s total quickly.

India 333 for 4  Virat Kohli 103* Rohit Sharma 11* Virat Kohli slams his second Test century at Adelaide. The entire Adelaide Oval crowd has stood up to applaud the indian skipper for his fine innings. This has been a brilliant comings coming at the back of a nasty hit on his head by Mitchell Johnson bouncer first up. Virat Kohli joyfully acknowledges the crowd cheers and bows. He becomes the third Indian captain after Vijay Hazare and Sunil Gavaskar to score a century on debut. 

India 312 for 4  Virat Kohli 84* Rohit Sharma 9* India has gone past the 300-run mark with ease; six wickets still in hand. Virat Kohli has led from the front. The Australian has been cut down to just over 200 runs. Even as draw looks like the most likely result in less than two and a half days, it is great to watch both the sides playing aggressive cricket. Runs are coming at a good clip and Michael Clarke is constantly on a lookout  for wickets.

India 294 for 4  Virat Kohli 74* Rohit Sharma 1* Yet another wicket gone after a well made half-century. Ajinkya Rahane is out to a brilliant delivery by Nathan Lyon, which hit the rough, bounced more than expected with the turn and bounces off the batsman’s gloves. Shane Watson took an easy catch at slips while Ajinkya Rahane remained stunned as to how all of this conspire. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma has come out to bat following the dismissal of Ajinkya Rahane. Ajinkya Rahane c Watson b Lyon 62 (76b)

India 275 for 3  Virat Kohli 63* Ajinkya Rahane 55* Ajinkya Rahane is looking good as he races away to a Test fifty. This is the fourth fifty by an Indian batsman in this innings. However, now that both the batsmen in the middle -Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are set – they need to put on a much bigger partnership. There is little evil on the pitch. And only a careless shot can stop their march in this innings.

India 236 for 3  Virat Kohli 52* Ajinkya Rahane 28* Virat Kohli has just gone past yet another half-century in Test cricket. Both the captains have played critical roles in the match. But unlike Chesteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay, he needs to carry on longer, play an innings of a greater significance. He needs to score another century in Adelaide if he has to put India in a commanding position. There is little going against the batsmen on this pitch, excuses will be few in case he gets out. This has been a tough innings by the Indian skipper so far after getting rattled by Mitchell Johnson’s bouncer early in the innings.

India 223 for 3  Virat Kohli 48* Ajinkya Rahane 19* India go in at Tea without any further damage. Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are unbeaten and looking good in the middle. Australian bowlers are doing well – especially Mitchell Johnson and Nathan Lyon. However, they have got the rewards yet. The wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay  is all they got to savour in this session of play

India 210 for 3  Virat Kohli 43* Ajinkya Rahane 11* There have been quite a few occasions where Australia have made a loud convincing appeal for caught behinds and leg before wicket, but they have all been rightly declined. Nonetheless, having said that, Mitchell Johnson is operating at good line and pushing the batsman on his backfoot with his short of good length deliveries at more than decent pace.

India 207 for 3  Virat Kohli 41* Ajinkya Rahane 10* After some initial struggle, Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli have slowly managed to get the scorecard moving. Nathan Lyon continues to bowl a testing line. There is a bit of rough on offer for Nathan Lyon to pitch his ball at while bowling to the right-handers. Good competitive cricket going on.

India 192 for 3  Virat Kohli 36* This is an unfortunate dismissal. Cheteshwar Pujara is out bowled by Nathan Lyon. After probing the batsman with a  nagging line outside the off-stump, where the off-spinner was pitching on the ruff, one ball turns in, hits the bat and rolls on to the stump dead. Unfortunately for Cheteshwar Pujara, the bails are dislodged. Cheteshwar Pujara b Lyon 73 (135b)

India 163 for 2 Cheteshwar Pujara 60* Virat Kohli 20* Indian batsmenCheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli have toned down their approach post lunch. They are happy seeing through the overs. The run rate has come down in the last four-five overs. Meanwhile, the Adelaide crowd is indulging well in the game, resting with cucumber helmets in the green lawns of the stadium.

India 152 for 2 Cheteshwar Pujara 51* Virat Kohli 18* Cheteshwar Pujara scores yet another Test fifty. It is extremely critical that Pujara stays at the wicket for much longer. This is the second half-century in the Indian innings after Murali Vijay. However, he couldn’t convert the start into a big knock. Pujara needs to do that in order to put India in a good position on a placid track. Not a single Indian batsman has an average of over 40 in Tests in 2014

India 147 for 2 Cheteshwar Pujara 47* Virat Kohli 17* India has come out to bat after lunch and are having no trouble in dealing with the Australian bowlers. Peter Siddle is pitching it fuller, which is making it easier for the Indian batsmen to play their shots. They are looking a lot more comfortable playing on the front foot than being kept on the backffot with back of good length deliveries.

India 119 for 2 Cheteshwar Pujara 34* Virat Kohli 3* Australian bowlers have done well in conditions that haven’t been the easiest for them. Indian batsmen have used the placid batting track and the conditions to their advantage. Ryan Harris was slightly disappointing with his line. Michael Clarke’s move of bringing in Nathan Lyon hasn’t exactly worked out. Nonetheless, he has been proactive and tried to take charge of the match. However, the dismissal of Murali Vijay late in the first session on Day Three will hurt India.

During the course of the last over of the session, Virat Kohli is hit on the helmet by a bouncer. The batsmen is shaken and so is the bowler. Michael Clarke comes up to Mitchell Johnson to comfort him. Virat Kohli, on the other end, doesn’t flinch. He puts up a brave face. The crowd applauds a good exchange of cricketing gesture

India 111 for 2 Cheteshwar Pujara 29* Mitchell Johnson finally gets Murali Vijay out. After pushing Murali Vijay on the backfoot for long, he manages to get the half-centurion out, just before lunch on Day Three with a ball just angling out for the right hander. A fine innings comes to an end Murali Vijay c †Haddin b Johnson 53 (88b). Virat Kohli has come out to bat following the dismissal of Murali Vijay. India 109 for 1 Murali Vijay 52* Cheteshwar Pujara 28* Murali Vijay has completed a fine half-century. Despite scoring at a good rate, Australian bowlers have come attacking at the Indian batsmen. This is Murali Vijay’s seventh Test fifty. Given the pitch and the way he has batted today, he looks good to score his fifth Test ton. The Tamil Nadu batsman has scored freely and looked comfortable in the conditions.

India 101 for 1 Murali Vijay 49* Cheteshwar Pujara 23* Mitchell Marsh is hitting the deck slightly short of good length and forcing Murali Vijay to play on the backfoot. India have crossed the 100-run mark without much trouble. The runs are flowing easily and at a fast clip. Having seen off the danger period, with a flat deck on offer, Indian batsmen should make merry. Only they can cause their own downfall.

India 94 for 1 Murali Vijay 46* Cheteshwar Pujara 19* Both the Indian batsmen – Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara are going along well. They have put on a half-century stand without much trouble. The are scoring fluently. Meanwhile Michael Clarke has set three close-in fielders with Nathan Lyon operating. Murali Vijay is coming down the track to play the ball on the bounce. They are scoring at around five runs per over.Murali Vijay is taking on the spinner and hits him for a huge six over the long on fence.

India 62 for 1 Murali Vijay 17* Cheteshwar Pujara 16* Murali Vijay and Chesteshwar Pujara have got off to a good start. They have added 32 runs for the unbeaten second wicket stand. More importantly, they aren’t looking troubled in the middle against the Australian pacers. Nonetheless, Michael Clarke has continued to attack and has been innovative with his captaincy. India 30 for 1 Murali Vijay 5*  Michael Clarke has made a bold move by introducing Nathan Lyon early. With a new ball, early into the day, it is not Mitchell Johnson or Peter Siddle, but an innocuous off-spinner, who has not been treated with most respect by the Indian batsmen is out to bowl. Many reckon this is a move to tempt the Indian openers to go after the bowling and in the process, possibly lose their wicket. However, against the run of play, Shikhar Dhawan lazily went after a ball outside the off stump, and got the inside edge on to to his stumps. India lose their first wicket! Ryan Harris strikes! Shikhar Dhawan b Harris 25 (24b)

India 15 for 0 Murali Vijay 0* Shikhar Dhawan 15* India is up and running with a couple of boundaries by Shikhar Dhawan. He has taken the attack to Mitchell Johnson. Two full pitched deliveries were dealt with class as Shikhar Dhawan put them away from boundary. While the first one was a straight drive while the second was a flick through the mid-wicket region.

India 0 for 0 Murali Vijay 0* Shikhar Dhawan 0*: Australia have declared their first innings at 517 for seven. Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay have walked out to bat for India. They are up against Mitchell Johnson, who is bowling with great pace and getting the ball to angle out from the right-handed Murali Vijay. Rahul Dravid is confident that if India see through the initial period, batting will become easier.

You can catch the live cricket score updates as Steve Smith and Mitchell Johnson will resume Australia’s innings at 517 for seven against Indian on Day Three of the first Test match at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide on Thursday.  Persistent rain on Day Two ensured that only 30.4 overs were bowled in the entire day.

The second day of the match was marred by constant interruptions due to rain. In a way, Indians were lucky to get away with it. Michael Clarke and Steve smith brought up their centuries as the two showed sublime form and class while dealing with the Indian bowlers who looked clueless. Ishant Sharma, who had a good first day, too erred and strayed with his bowling way too often.

Clarke, who retired hurt due to a back problem on day one, resumed his innings on day two. He raced away to his 28th century in a blazing fashion. In company of Steve Smith, the duo added more than 150 runs early on Day Two at a rate of over 5 runs per over. There were times when Virat Kohli’s lack of aggression and creativity were found out as a captain.

It was only in the last over of the day that India managed to dismiss Michael Clarke who was looking to hit the bowlers out of the park in a bid to score quick runs. Steve Smith to stepped up  on the scoring rate once he reached his century. He received a standing ovation by the Adelaide crowd once he went past his 100 and jogged all the way to the mark of 408 on the ground as a tribute to Phillip Hughes, to raise his bat.

Australia: Michael Clarke (c), David Warner, Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon.

India: Virat Kohli (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Rohit Sharma, Karn Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Varun Aaron, Ishant Sharma.

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