Cricketer Manpreet Singh Gony made a strange request as he asked Pakistan to swap IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman with Indian news anchors. Indian Air Force wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman was arrested by Pakistan army as a prisoner of war and then released his video in their custody. The video showed he was in good health as he was sipping tea. Seeing the pilot conduct himself with grace and honour and the fact that he was unhurt brought relief to many Indians. Gony made the strange request as his post read, “Dear Pakistani army, return Wing Commander Abhinandan and take our news anchors, pretty much all of them. Do whatever you want to do with them and more importantly never return them to us #JaiHind #AbhinandanVartaman.”

His tweet throws light on how some media coverage of the incident is not being liked by certain sections who feel TV anchors are doing warmongering for TRPs. Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed that Pakistan would release him on Friday.