Floyd Mayweather was known to have been living a lavish lifestyle with infamous outbursts of domestic violence. During Mayweather’s 20-year career, his opponents were apprehending about his prowess and his arrogance. He had a record of winning all matches and thereby becoming extravagantly rich. By defeating Manny Pacquiao, in a match that was branded as boxing’s ‘Fight of the Century’, he became even richer. Mayweather acquired Pacquiao’s World Boxing Organization welterweight world championship title and stretched his record to 48-0. Celebrities and athletes thronged the MGM Grand Garden and very few tickets were available for the public.

The bout was considered to have grabbed more eyeballs on TV than ever before in boxing history. The 38-year-old Mayweather, who owns an unblemished professional boxing record, thrashed Pacquiao for the welterweight world championship, winning through a unanimous decision thus adding to his World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council titles.

Mayweather says, “Manny Pacquiao is still a champion. He still has a lot left. I was the better man tonight — more calculated fighter, took my time, had patience.”

The celebrities took to twitter to express their support to Mayweather. Apparently, they  had quite enjoyed the early sunday match.

#sundayselfie This ones for Manny. #pacman #maypac #fightofthecentury

Was on “moneys” side be4 the match but winning doesnt always make u a winner. Manny – RESPECT.

Thinking about getting diamond teeth speaking to the experts #JulioMartinez and #FloydMayweather’s…

Very good Kho kho match this was. #MayPac

2 great fighters tonight. Gonna be a great night. Let’s go Champ!



Money Fights Money. Pacquiao & Mayweather. Been yrs since such excitement for a fight maybe Tyson v Holyfield. Early Sunday totally worth it

 We waited 5 years for that… #underwhelmed #MayPac