The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which is in charge of the rules and regulations of cricket, is planning to review the much-talked-about overthrow rule which saw New Zealand lose the ICC World Cup 2019 to England in the cruelest manner possible.

Chasing 241, England were reeling a 227/8 after the end of the 49th over. Hitting a maximum in the third ball of the last over, all-rounder Ben Stokes brought down the equation to nine off three balls for the hosts to win.

In the fourth ball, Stokes hit it to mid-wicket and tried to take a double. Martin Guptill, stationed at the position, fielded the ball and threw it back. But, instead of making it to the gloves of the wicket-keeper, the ball hit the bat of Stokes, who was en route to his second run, and went to the ropes.

The on-field umpires, as a result, awarded the home team a total of six runs. The Eoin Morgan-led side in the next two balls tied the match and eventually won it in the super over. But the decision of the umpires was met with huge controversy as the replays showed the batsmen had not crossed each other when Guptill threw the ball.

The rule of the overthrow, according to the MCC regulations, states that the batsmen should cross each other before the bowler throws the ball or it will be counted as one and shall be added with whatever extra runs come after the ball passes either the batsman, wickets or any other objects in the field.

Criticisms and condemnations poured in from all angels after the final as fans, cricketers and pundits alike bashed the ICC for allowing such misconducts on the field. However, following the series of controversy, ICC responded and said, “The umpires take decisions on the field with their interpretation of the rules and we don’t comment on any decisions as a matter of policy”.

Now according to some media reports doing round in English media, there is a feeling at the MCC that the overthrow rule would be a prime subject of discussion when the body next sits for a review meeting. But, to make the matter worse for New Zealand cricket, whatever happens in the meeting would not change their fate.

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