The craze that England and Australia share for the Ashes is second to none and can easily transcend over any other sporting rivalries in the world. Both countries have millions of enthusiastic fans who can travel to any extent to get behind their team.

Max Waight is one such fan who has done the unthinkable just to witness his favourite team playing in the Ashes. The 12-year-old Australian picked garbage bins of his entire neighbourhood for four years to earn and save money for a trip to England.

In 2015, after watching his country lift the cricket World Cup, Max and his mother had planned to travel to England to watch his heroes take on English in their own backyard. His father Damien Waight had said to Max that if he could earn 1500 Australian dollars, he would fulfil his desire of watching an Ashes game in England.

Max and his mother came up with the idea of wheeling the garbage bins of their neighbours on every weekend for a paltry charge of $1 per house. In a bid to start his waste management service, max wrote a letter to all his neighbours informing them about his idea and had 10 customers in no time, reported Cricket Australia.

Max continued with his effort for four years and in the meantime, the fund grew and made his dream a reality. Damien kept his words and booked the ticket not only for Mark but for the entire Waight family to visit the UK for the fourth Ashes Test in Manchester.

“When I said it, I had to follow through. If he saved up the money I wasn’t going to let him down. It’s an amazing experience, we’ve got our whole family and another close family that we’re friends with. We’re just making memories,” Damien was quoted as saying by the official website of Cricket Australia.

In addition, to watch his heroes live before his eyes, Max even got to meet them. He had a wonderful time with his favourite cricketers Steve Smith and Pat Cummins before James Pattinson handed him an Australian jersey signed by the entire team.

Max even travelled in the Australian team bus where he chatted with head coach Justin Langer and team mentor Steve Waugh. “I sat next to Steve Waugh, Justin Langer and Nathan Lyon. Justin Langer showed me the plan book which was amazing to see all his notes and talking to Steve Waugh was amazing too,” Max said.