Argentina registered an easy win over Colombia as they defeated their rivals by 3-0. Lionel Messi scored one and set up two more in the World Cup qualifier match played on 16November, at 5 AM IST. But Argentine’s performance was not the only highlight of the match, as during the post-match events, Barcelona star Lionel Messi, led the complete Argentinian football squad into the press conference room and issued a shocking statement saying that the that the entire Argentina squad would not be communicating with any of the media outlets anymore.

This statement was the aftermath of allegations made on Argentina’s forward Ezequiel Lavezzi after a training session, for inappropriate behaviour which he denies. He was accused by a journalist (Gabriel Anello) to have smoked a joint last week.

Messi addressing his statement to media, said, “We’re here to let you know that we will no longer be communicating with the Press. “The accusations that were made towards Lavezzi were huge. We regret that it has to be this way but we have no other choice. We know that many of you don’t play that game. “We were accused a lot. No respect was being shown and we never said anything. But this accusation against Lavezzi was it. “If we don’t stop it today, we’ll never stop it. We know that you will continue to criticise us, that’s fine. However, some got into our personal lives which is very grave and that’s why we’re here (announcing this).”

“We wanted to say this in front of everyone and not release a statement. We didn’t want to hide from anyone. These past two weeks were filled with personal aggression, not football criticism. You can criticize us for winning or losing, but when you get personal, we will draw the line.” Messi added before they all walked out.

The National team players have suffered criticism by sectors of the Argentine media over a loss of form and poor results, but their decision was sparked by a radio report alleging Ezequiel Lavezzi smoked marijuana after training. It transpired at the press conference that Lavezzi is taking the Radio Mitre reporter to court.

Lavezzi has also revealed on twitter that he would be taking serious action against the journalist for his false accusations and that he will not take this matter lightly. His tweeter post read, “I have hereby communicated that I’m going to initiate legal action against Gabriel Anello for his false accusations against me, for the serious damage that has been caused to my family and my work.” The striker has won 51 caps for Argentina since his debut in 2007, netting nine goals.

Coach Edgardo Bauza, whose media conference was held afterwards, said the victory made him happy for the team. “I told the players I’m happy for them after a week of criticism and because it wasn’t an easy match,” he said. “Messi is a great and decisive player, he showed that in the first goal and with the others.”