The greatest-ever Olympian and winner of 23 gold medals Michael Phelps has announced his retirement from Olympic swimming. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the American legend said, “If I do get the desire to come back, great. Right now, I just don’t see it.” Knowing Phelps and his legend, one wonders if he will change his mind. May be one more games before the curtains. To put this into perspective, Ian Thorpe won three individual gold medals. Phelps has won almost eight times as many. He is that good, crazy good. That has been the thing about Phelps, he is a machine that never stops!

Really, to be able to churn out gold medals like that is staggering. What would have been great is to know how good Phelps is if it was just say one event in a sport unlike swimming where there are multiple events. What has happened with Phelps winning so many medals is that his success has got complicated.

But one should look at the fact that his success has been so solid that in individual events alone, his legend is beyond imagination. One anyway really sees this man in the spotlight once in four years. The fact that Phelps is still setting new benchmarks tells you about the amazing athlete he is. (Rio Olympics 2016: Swimmer Michael Phelps rules out comeback chances)

One would wait and watch if his legend will only get greater here or not. So far it has been so good. He has gone about his business in a non-flustered manner, telling everyone that he is still at his best. It will also tell you about how he handles pressure. His legend is complete and yet it can get greater.