Michael Phelps is the one, the only. But guess what even champions at times know that they are not the superstars they once were. How else will you explain that Phelps has run under the radar as far as his wedding was concerned. Well sure some tabloids picked it up. But it was nothing when you know he is Phelps, you know what we mean. His career is over, does it mean that it is all done for him? Well we hope not as far as the limelight goes because he is like no one else and really the one champion we wish stays in the limelight because he can inspire like no one ever can and that is Phelps for you folks. But he may have felt like a mortal with the recent low-key events would have the champion.

Phelps is a swimming machine. In a career spanning five Olympics, he achieved what no other man or woman did. 23 gold medals at the Olympics. While he did not win anything at Sydney when he was still a boy, 23 gold medals at four Olympics is beyond imagination, even the wildest of imaginations. Phelps has now walked into the sunset, his career over. He will be missed, sorely missed. (No better way to end career than bagging 6 Olympics medals, says Michael Phelps)

Phelps did what only he could. It was a career that was such an inspiration. The fact that you are in the public eye helps. It can help in inspiring many young kids like the American legend did. He will probably never be equalled and will always be debated as the greatest there has ever been. He is not just the greatest swimmer ever but also arguably the greatest swimmer across all sports.

We watched Phelps with awe and we loved when he won. He came from a privileged country and yet who will ever argue about his greatness. He was that great, race after race, year after year, Olympics after Olympics. He set benchmarks that may never be matched.

It is fair to say that he made us forget everyone else. All other great swimmers. He was one of a kind, he was the best. May be Phelps still has the body to appear in another Olympics, may be even two. But it can be a tough life. Lap after lap, inside the water and may be the desire is not there. Phelps showed us what greatness truly means.

It is never easy to be a pioneer and Phelps showed us time and again why he is an icon. We will all sob collectively now that he will not be seen again but it was a privilege watching him. He defied all predictions. He showed us what it takes to conquer the world.

No heartfelt tribute may be enough for the man, the machine. He was one of a kind every single race and we loved him for being himself for all these years that he was there with us. Thank you for the gold medals and for the memories Michael.