Former Pakistan speedster Waqar Younis has recalled the heartbreaking moment in 1992 when he missed the World Cup in Australia due to an injury.Also Read - Waqar Younis Apologises For 'Namaz in Front of Hindus' Comment

The fast-bolwer had to miss the showpiece event Down Under because of a stress facture in his back right before the tournament. Younis had to watch his team lift the trophy from home and he has stated it wasn’t a happy moment for him. Also Read - Pakistan Cricketing Greats Hit Out at England, New Zealand For Cancelling Tours

“That (tournament) was not the best time for me. I got injured. I broke my back, got a stress fracture in my back, just before the World Cup started,” Younis said during the Cricket Badger Podcast as per Cricket Pakistan. Also Read - Misbah-ul-Haq, Waqar Younis Step Down From Pakistan Coaching Roles

“I was on tour, with the team, and in one of the warm-ups something went wrong in my back and I couldn’t really walk after that World Cup for a long time.

“That was probably the worst time because I was (at the) top of my game, I was bowling really well. And me being in the team, Pakistan were favourites to win that World Cup.

“Pakistan still won the World Cup, but missing out on that glory, was probably a not-so-happy moment for me,” he added.

Waqar also spoke about how his teammates made him feel like he was part of the squad after their return to Pakistan with trophy. Despite that, Waqar stated he had a mixed-bag feeling, considering he couldn’t play any part in team winning the prestigious cup.

“I was very, very happy. I still remember the day they came back to Pakistan, they landed at Lahore, I was there, I was there to receive them with the chief minister of the time,” Waqar recollected.

“It was heartening as well as heart-breaking. It was a mixed feeling, but I was more happy. They recognised me that I missed out – they lifted me up and put me up on the truck, and gave me all the respect and love that I missed out on.

“I was hurting, in a way, but also it was very, very pleasing,” he added.

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