Former and present captains of the Indian cricket team were seen exchanging bats during the net session ahead of the 1st ODI at Hyderabad. The same camaraderie was seen in the 2nd T20I at Bengaluru. It is no secret that the two cricketers share a close bond and it has often been seen that Kohli does not hesitate to walk up to Dhoni for advice. The two cricketers are also an important feature of the Indian Cricket Team. The ‘bat-exchanging’ moment took place ahead of the practice session.

Here is the picture that is going viral:

Camaraderie during 2nd T20I:

Meanwhile, Dhoni has picked up an injury during the session and that leaves his participation in the ODI opener in doubt. So, if that is the case it seems like Kohli will use Doni’s bat which has a meaty sweet spot, something that helps in stroke-making.

“If one or two players do not have a good IPL season, it doesn’t mean that they are out of the picture for the World Cup. Those things are not going to matter,” Kohli set the record straight at the pre-match presser.

Talking about the remaining slots, Kohli is keen to give Pant some game time but certainly not at the cost of playing a bowler less, taking the field restrictions into account. “We will have to think about the combinations. I don’t think playing a bowler less is a good idea because with the extra fielder in till the 40th over, it becomes very difficult to sort of get a few guys to chip in with a few overs here and there.

“We will have to work out the batting combination to try and give game-time to the guys we want to. But, I don’t see the bowling combination changing,” the skipper said.