India vs New Zealand: So, MS Dhoni’s game-changing run-out during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 semifinal against New Zealand has become a point of debate on all social handles. While Dhoni was taking his stance off Lockie Ferguson’s bowling, a graphic appeared on the TV screens which showed that there were six Kiwi fielders were outside the 30-yard circle. However, according to cricket’s rulebook, only five are permitted of the ball before Dhoni tried to sneak a double and was caught short of his ground. #ThankYouDhoni, #DoNotRetireDhoni hashtags trending.

In any case, Dhoni would have been adjudged run-out even if the ball has been called a ‘no-ball’ by the umpire. But India would have got a free-hit of the next delivery and things could have been different. With 25 needed off 10 balls, Dhoni scampered back for a quick second, but a Guptill throw found him short of crease by millimetres. That eventually proved to be a big gamechanger in the match. “If I am not wrong it would have been a no ball and Dhoni wouldn’t have risked the second. Bizzare from the umpire,” said a fan after this image surfaced on the internet.

On the contrary, some are also calling it fake news

Here is how Twitter is spreading fake news. The interesting thing here is the TV graphic that indicates six fielders were outside the 30-yard-circle. 

Dhoni scored a gritty 50 as he kept India in the match and carried the hopes of a billion single-handedly. Once he was run-out, thanks to a brilliant piece of fielding by Guptill it actually shattered a billion hopes around the world.