India vs New Zealand: Former India skipper MS Dhoni was seen sucking his finger and spitting blood during the group stage game against England. That day, he kept batting despite injury and won hearts and respect all over again and now, after the shock loss against New Zealand, the 38-year-old was seen shaking hands with New Zealand players with his left hand as his right thumb was injured. These are acts that make fans love him and now fans are uniting with the hashtag #DoNotRetireDhoni and #ForeverDhoni amid retirement speculations. Also Read - MS Dhoni Will NOT Play a Single IPL 2021 Match in Chennai For CSK, Fans Gutted With Schedule

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Dhoni scored a gritty 50 off 72 balls, but while he was in the middle, a billion fans believed it could be done. India eventually lost the match by 18 runs.

Talking about Jadeja and Dhoni’s performance, he said, “Jadeja had a really outstanding couple of games and his performance today is a great sign of his skill-set and what he can do for the team. Going out with so much of clarity and turning the whole game around in no time was outstanding.” (MATCH HIGHLIGHTS)

“MS (Dhoni) had a good partnership with Jadeja, and again it was a game of margins, and he (Dhoni) got run out in the end and it could have been anybody’s game (had not run out),” said Kohli, who made just 1 from 6 balls.

“Hai toh pahadi, woh yodha hai (he hails from the mountains and is a warrior). After more than 300 ODIs, do you think these little things even bother him? He has an amazing capacity to ignore pain. But more importantly, his finger is fine and there is nothing to worry about,” said a source speaking to IANS.