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London, Sept 14 :  Muhammad Ali’s secret daughter, Kiiursti Mensah Ali , has revealed that she wants to see the 72-year-old boxing star “one last time before he died”. The 33-year-old daughter, who claims to be the result of a 20-year love affair between her mother Barbara Mensah and Ali, said that the former boxer used to regularly visit her and her mum before he got married to Lonnie in 1986, the Mirror reported. Also Read - 178 Terabits Per Second! Scientists Build World’s Fastest Internet Ever That Can Download All Of Netflix In 1 Second

Kiiursti added that Ali, who married his fourth wife Lonnie three years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, stopped coming to see her as Lonnie stopped him from having a relationship with his secret daughter. Kiiursti, who doesn’t want and care about Ali’s money, continued that now, she just wants to say goodbye to him before he dies and she pleads with Ali’s fourth wife, who has control of everything, to let her spend time with her father especially now when he is so ill.” Also Read - What? Bus to London From India? Not a Joke. Check Details