In an unfortunate incident, Mumbai player Vaibhav Kesarkar suffered a heart attack on the field while playing a local cricket match which resulted in his death. Participating in a tennis ball cricket tournament in Bhandup region, the 24-year old complained about the chest pain which caused him severe uneasiness during the match. The incident happened on December 23.

Vaibhav was taken to the nearby hospital for examination and reports where he was declared dead after the check-up. As per the reports, he continued to bat for his team despite the chest pain and severe discomfort. Representing his side – GaonDevi in the tournament, Vaibhav was hailed as one of the brightest talents in the local Mumbai cricketing circles. He was taken off the field by his teammates after suffering a heart attack.

The match was broadcasted live on the YouTube channel where one can see Vaibhav going off the field while rubbing his chest. The sudden demise of young cricketer has put his family members and friends in a state of shock. Vaibhav used to represent various teams while playing local cricket tournaments. He belonged to an underprivileged background where his family used to struggle every day to make their ends meet.

A few of earlier, a student of Somaiya Vidyavihar college in Mumbai also died due to a heart attack while participating in the annual day sports function. The student was participating in the tug-of-war event.