To name a stadium, street or even a city after country’s imminent personalities is passe now. Also Read - Sachin Tendulkar Donates Rs 1 Crore to Procure Oxygen Concentrators For COVID-19 Patients

While living legend Sachin Tendulkar has  a pavilion to his name and many a fans of the Indian cricketer would have paid homage to the their favourite cricketer naming their children after Tendulkar, Dhruv Prajapati, a junior researcher with the Gujarat Ecological Education & Research (GEER) Foundation, has named a new species of Spider after the legend. Also Read - IPL 2021: Shardul Thakur Reveals Sachin Tendulkar's Advice That Has Helped Him a Lot

Prajapati, a research scholar pursuing a Ph. D in spider taxonomy, and a Sachin Tendulkar fan, recently discovered two new species of spider belonging to the Indomarengo and Marengo genus of Asian jumping spiders and named named one of them after Tendulkar – Marengo sachintendulkar. Also Read - 3 Times When Sachin Tendulkar Turned The Match With His Bowling | Watch Videos

The other one he found in Kerala has been named after Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a crusader in creating awareness about education in Kerala – Indomarengo Chavarapatera.

The finding of his study has been published in the September issue of a Russian Journal, Arthopoda Selecta.

Speaking to The Times of India, Prajapti said,”The one I discovered has been named Marengo sachintendulkar and was found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. Another spider species I discovered was also an Asian jumping spider from Indomarengo genus which was found in Kerala. It has been named Infomarengo Chavarapatera.

“I collected the specimens of Marengo sachintendulkar in 2015, but the research and identification work was completed in 2017. Indomarengo chavarapatera specimen was collected by the colleague. However, I continued the work and identification and research was concluded in 2017.” he added.