Several reports have emerged with another eye-brow raising story focused on football leaks. A consortium of European newspapers, including French outlet ‘Le Soir’, have revealed the events in the football world that are kept under the veil of charm which footballers hold among their followers.

The reports suggested that the players of Paris Saint-Germain football club who play in top-flight of the French league receive hefty financial bonuses of about 33,000 and 375,000 euros every month for various reasons, including greeting their own fans before and after club events.

Among the PSG players, it is the Brazilian international Neymar Jr, who receives the highest increment in terms of bonuses. While his compatriot Thiago Silva is paid a relatively modest 33,00 euros.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old is also paid a 2.5 million yearly bonus for not criticising the head coach’s choices. Apart from that, there is another two million bonus, if Neymar finds a place in the top three of the Balon D’Or (Word’s best footballer title).

Here’s the video proof of the documents which reveal the bonus paid to the PSG players:

According to AS English, The French club has responded to the rumours by PSG responded to the report by pointing out that the policy involves more than just clapping towards supporters with factors such as punctuality, respect towards journalists and reporters and not betting on competitions in which PSG are involved.

Neymar Jr joined PSG from FC Barcelona for a world record fee of 222 million euros, making him the most expensive footballer in history. He is also one of the highest paid players in football.