Brazilian star footballer Neymar Jr recently launched a comic book series starring supernaturally tattooed doppelganger and in which his likeness is the lead character. Titled Inked, the series sees superhero protagonist Neymar use magical tattoos drawn onto his body as he attempts to save his sister from a mysterious and supernatural cartel. The story is drafted by New York Times-bestselling author and comic book maker Jason M Burns.

Neymar took to Instagram to give his fans a glimpse of what it is about.

Inked is written for young adults aged 13 or more, this happens to be the footballers first venture in the new world, Neymar Jr Comics.

He also took to his Twitter handle to share this piece of news. His post read, “Dream come true!  Get the first issue of Inked at

“Like many kids, I had two dreams growing up, to be a professional footballer and a superhero,” Neymar told Business Wire. “I’ve been blessed enough to play football at the highest level.

“Now I have the chance to bring new, modern, powerful storytelling through comics and graphic novels to fans around the world.

“As a kid who grew up reading comics, I hope that these stories and characters can inspire and entertain people.”

The comic will debut in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English and distributed digitally via download from the company’s website.

A portion of the proceeds from Neymar Jr Comics sales will go to the Brazilian’s charitable organisation Instituto Neymar Jr (INJR).