Nico Hulkenberg met with a horrific accident at the early stages of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Also Read - Max Verstappen 'regrets' not having raced against Fernando Alonso

Hulkenburg’s car crashed at the early stages of the event in the first lap after colliding with Renault’s Romain Grosjean. Also Read - Foes Hamilton and Vettel swap helmets

After the collision, Hulkenberg was sent flying and as his car hit the advertising hoardings, he resorted to the radio to communicate seeking help in the situation, as a fire broke out. Also Read - Vettel takes stock as Ferrari lick wounds

‘Get me out of here, there is fire, there is fire. I’m OK but I’m hanging here like a cow. Get me out of this car.’, he said.

A gas of smoke erupted out of his car but to his relief, the team were on their feet.’They’re coming, they’re coming,’it was communicated.

Hulkenberg was assisted out of the scene and without any injuries sustained, the FIA declared him fit after the thorough medical investigation.

As displayed in the footage, the accident sent shivers down the spine of onlookers, his teammates and audiences were shaken but thankfully, there was no fatal outcome.