The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has issued guidelines regarding the resumption of the sport in several cities designed to help players and relevant authorities as the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus begin to ease. Also Read - Delhi's Health Infrastructure Should be Reserved For City Residents, Suggests Doctors' Panel

Among the guidelines is avoiding playing doubles as it could lead to “incidental contact and unwanted proximity.” Also Read - Unlock 1 in Goa: Despite Chief Minister's Nod, Mosques to Remain Shut Till June 30

But in case it’s unavoidable, refrain from chest bumping and whispering. “If you do play doubles, avoid all incidental contact, no Bryan Brothers chest bumps and no whispering to each other from a close distance to strategize,” AP quoted USTA as saying. Also Read - Oxford Journal Adds 'Lessons From Bhagwad Gita' to Its Paper on 'COVID-19 And Healthcare Workers', Relates With Religious Text

The American pair of Mike and Bob Bryan is one of the most famous doubles team in men’s circuit having won 16 Grand Slam titles together. The duo often celebrates by jumping simultaneously followed by bumping of their chests.

USTA believes that it will become safer to play tennis in some US “cities and states sooner than in others.”

It also recommends maintaining a distance of at least six feet from other people.

Professional tennis, like other major sporting events, has been suspended and will not resume at least till July mid.

While the French Open, year’s second Grand Slam tournament, has been pushed to September in a controversial fashion, Wimbledon Championships has been cancelled for the first time since World War 2 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The deadly virus has so far claimed over 1.7 lives globally and infected more than 2.5 million people.

Global tennis bodies (ATP and WTA) have announced , they are in discussions to create a Player Relief Programme to provide financial assistance to the players who have been affected due to the cancellations of events.