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Japan’s Kei Nishikori became the first Asian man to reach a Grand Slam final when he swept past seven-time major winner Novak Djokovic in the US Open semi-finals on Saturday. The 10th seed braved on-court temperatures nudging the 40-degree mark to clinch a famous 6-4, 1-6, 7-6 (7/4), 6-3 victory over the world number one. Nishikori, the first Japanese man since 1918 to reach the semi-finals in New York, goes on to face either 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer or Croatia’s Marin Cilic in Monday’s championship match. His victory over Wimbledon champion Djokovic will go down as one of the sport’s greatest shocks. The 27-year-old Serb was the 2011 champion in New York, was playing in his eighth successive US Open semi-final and bidding for a sixth final, his 15th overall at the majors. (AFP) Also Read - Tennis: Novak Djokovic Joins Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer in Skipping Miami Open 2021, Says Need to Use This Time to Spend Time With Family

FOURTH SET: Kei Nishikori beats Novak Djokovic 6-4, 1-6, 7-6, 6-3 Also Read - Tennis: Novak Djokovic Breaks Roger Federer's World Record For Most Weeks at No.1 in ATP Rankings

Looks like Kei Nishikori will not have to wait for his service game to  win the set and match as he is provided with two match points. Novak Djokovic saves one but fails to do it again as the wide return brings the smile on Kei’s face for he wins the fourth set 6-3.

FOURTH SET: Novak Djokovic 3* Kei Nishikori 5

the best service game by Kei Nishikori as he refuses to give breathing space to the reigning Wimbledon champion. He serves those burly aces down the line as Novak can only take a look at. He now leads 5-3.

FOURTH SET: Novak Djokovic 1* Kei Nishikori 3

Kei Nishikori is not making any mistakes here at the moment and it would take good effort by Novak Djokovic to deter this rising tenth seed. As for now easy, impeccable serve helps him maintain the lead.

FOURTH SET: Novak Djokovic 1 Kei Nishikori 2*

At the end of 2 hours and 32 minutes, top seed Novak Djokovic finds himself 2 sets and a break down in the fourth set. Something not thought by the Serbian before this match but he manages to put point against his name in the fourth set after great struggle to hold his service game.

FOURTH SET: Novak Djokovic 0* Kei Nishikori 2

It took Nishikori a great effort to consolidate the break point won in the first game. Stretched up to the deuce point, Kei Nishikori’s ability to hit freely helped him save from giving up the service game point.  He now leads 2-0

FOURTH SET: Novak Djokovic 0 Kei Nishikori 1*

With 2 sets down, it would be interesting to see the approach adopted by the top seed against the rampaging Kei. As for one thing is sure, Novak is struggling big time with his serves as he is staring at a double break point after he double faults. And we have the first BREAK OF SERVE of the fourth set as Nishikori takes a 1-0 lead.

 THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori wins the 3rd Set 7-6.

Kei Nishikori starts the tie-breakers proceedings with a big serve right down the T as Novak’s stretches to his fullest. There is back-to-back mini breaks for Djokovic, followed by another mini service game hold giving Nishikori a 4-0 lead. Nishikori has already missed a chance to win the third set earlier. Some not so clean hitting and long shots rally, the tie-breaker is poised at 5-3. Difference between the two has been their temperament with Nishikori now having a set point on Djokovic’s serve. And he converts it with Djokovic’s wide return.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 6 Novak Djokovic 6

We look on course for tie-breaker as Novak Djokovic serves a flawless, high-level game. Nishikori will have to go all guns blazing in the tie-breaker.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 6 Novak Djokovic 5*

Second ace of the match fired ny Nishikori and it is great going for the young player from Japan who is making Novak run to his tunes at the moment. He holds his service game easily without any fuss, except the Djoker’s building frustration.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 5* Novak Djokovic 5

Kei Nisshikori let a huge opportunity get off his hands with that double fault but now should focus back on the game. Novak fires another ace and looks unconvinced in the next point that is awarded to Noshikori after being called long. At 40-15, we see back to back long returns by Djokovic bringing the 1oth game on deuce. What a marvelous point of this game as both players run in despair. Novak Djokovic shouts after holding his service game. Tensed times on court.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 5 Novak Djokovic 4*

Nishikori can create some historic moment here at the Arthur Ashe Stadium if he manages to hold his service game. Serving for the set under the watchful eyes of his coach Michael Chang, Nishikori is troubling Novak Djokovic. But Novak’s experience cannot be counted out as he gets Kei under pressure as he double faults to ease the pressure off Novak. There is a BREAK OF SERVE and now back on serve.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 5* Novak Djokovic 3

After a series of watching flawless serving by both the players, it is quite surprising to see Novak Djokovic serve a double fault. He manages to go 30-15 up but is now facing a break point here. A big chance for Nishikori here and he converts it with well timed return of Djokovic’s big serve.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 4 Novak Djokovic 3*

Both the players are in for some serious work with their first serves doing the damage. Nishikori is as impeccable with his first serves as he also hits the first ace of the match.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 3* Novak Djokovic 3

Easy service game by Novak Djokovic, who is not giving single points off his serve to Nishikori. At this point we see a better, fitter Novak against Nishikori than what he was an hour back.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 3 Novak Djokovic 2*

Kei Nishikori served better here, easy hold of service game here by the tenth seed. And there should be some relief for the two players as there is some cloud cover above the Arthur Ashe.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 2* Novak Djokovic 2

Compared to Kei Nishikori’s lengthy service games, Novakk Djokovic is keeping it simple. He is using his big serves to the best of its effectiveness.  He quickly soared up-to 40-15. He holds his service game.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 2 Novak Djokovic 1*

There seems to be some drop in energy level of Kei Nishikori’s game as he shows signs of fatigue and frustration. He tosses he racquet on court after yet another poor shot selection cost him a point. The packed stadium at Flushing Meadows seemed to have done the trick as Nishikori survives double break point. The see-saw battle continue in the third game with five deuce taking place. Another long return by Nishikori brings us to deuce number six. Bravo Kei Nishikori as he makkes Novak cover the court before quitely disposing him off. We stil have not reached the end of this game that is now in its ten minutes of play after Novak’s forehhand brings us to see deuce number 7.  Finally Kei Nishikori holds his serve. Phew.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 1* Novak Djokovic 1

Kei Nishikori is guilty of wrong shot selection as he tried to chip an easy forehand over nets but failed to execute it ass well. The crowd here at Arthur Ashe Stadium is well behind Nishikori as they cheer every winner he hits. This seems not to deter the World No. 1 as he plays his usual game too go 40-15. Another big serve, wide return by his opponent and easy service game held by Djokovic.

THIRD SET: Kei Nishikori 1 Novak Djokovic 0*

Kei Nishikori serving first in the third set and immidiately surrenders the first point. He serves better in the nexxt two to go 30-15 up and holds up easily.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic wins the 2nd set 6-1

Three straight points won and we see no fuss from Novak Djokovic as he wins four straight points to win the second set 6-1 and square the match.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 5* Kei Nishikori 1

Nishikori will have to try and hold this service game in order to give himself a chance of making a comeback in this set but alas he finds himself facing double break points again. But the tenth seed makes quick turnaround by saving both of them with good first serves in.  Novak not only squandered double break point but also handed over the advantage. In this dicey sixth game we see the second deuce and now with Nishikori’s return landing up to his part of the net, advantage to Djokovic. K tries the drop shot that misfires as Djokovic is on time and hits winner to take 5-1 lead in the second set.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 4 Kei Nishikori 1*

Drop shots seemed to be the weapon of the day for Novak Djokovic as he uses it from baseline and to the perfection to get back to 30-30. A very wide return after long rally of shots help Novak consolidate the break point earned.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 3* Kei Nishikori 1

We have Kei Nishikori suddenly 0-30 down after making the tenth seed hit some extra balls and force him to make mistakes or capitalize by hitting winners. Djokovic with change of plans find double break points in the fourth game. A wide return and we have first BREAK OF SERVE in the second set.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 2 Kei Nishikori 1*

If you take a look at Novak Djokovic’s first serve percentage in the tournament, it has been 66 percent compared to today’s 53 percent. But after long struggle, the top seed hold his service game.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 1* Kei Nishikori 1

Nishikori and Djokovic have played similar game but the difference has come around the points in the big time. After fierce clash for points at 30-30, Nishikori wins back-to-back points to hold his service game.

SECOND SET: Novak Djokovic 1 Kei Nishikori 0*

Novak Djokovic is not a player to rue over the lost chances as he holds a rather bumpy service game after going 40-15 up. The last point to win the game saw some good exchange of shots by the two players around the net before Nishikori made the error.

FIRST SET: Kei Nishikori wins the 1st Set 6-4

Can Nishikori seal this set? Well, all will depend on he gets his first serves in. He gets the first one right but misses the next return to stand level at 15-15. Novak is not looking very happy with himself as he is making some unwanted errors and top it all is Nishikori’s huge serve. Another big serve and Nishikori takes the first set 6-4.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 4 Kei Nishikori 5*

Kei Nishikori is playing some unbelievable tennis here as he takes 30-15 lead in ninth game of the first set with that behind the back shot played. He needs to capitalize on the little doors of opportunity as Novak is back to go 40-30 up with huge serve and holds his service game.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 3* Kei Nishikori 5

Kei Niskikori after breaking the top seed twice, starts off with a good approach in consolidating his service game. He goes 40-15 up and holds this much important service game.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 3 Kei Nishikori 4*

We saw Novaak’s struggle against Andy Murray’s huge forehand deep indside the baseline and the same ploy by Nishikori is hurting him again. Kei Nishikori is right up with triple break point as Novak saves one by making K run around the corner and hit winner in the open court. Loose second serve did good for Nishikori as BREAK OF SERVE of Novak.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 3* Kei Nishikori 3

Again great use of spin in returning the ball to Nishikori by Djokovic that set up the 10th seed. Serb has hit 5 winners compared to Nishikori’s 2. Nishikori gets on to 30-30 after he makes the World no. 1 hit few extra balls. This tactics should help K as he is famously called because we can see an angry Djokovic. Nishikori holds his serve with back to back unforced errors off Novak’s racquet.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 3 Kei Nishikori 2*

Novak Djokovic did not waste time in earning the break point as he now serve probably the best serve in the match played so far. He is riding on buig serves as he hits 112 mph ace to go 40-15 up. Another big serve and holds his serve easily.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 2* Kei Nishikori 2

Nishikori will now need to consolidate the break point earned but he finds himself 30-0 down on his serve. Top seed is right in the game as he has three break points after Nishikori’s return crashes on net. BREAK OF SERVE and we are back on serve.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 1 Kei Nishikori 2*

Smart play by Novak Djokovic as he follows the big serve with an accurately judged drop shot, which is beyond Nishikori’s reach. Nishikori is at 15-15 with return from Serb crashing to net. Nishikori goes up to 15-30 with good volley that set up Novak. Kei Nishikori converts the first break point and it is BREAK OF SERVE for Novak Djokovic.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 1* Kei Nishikori 1

Kei Nishikori after the nervy start in his first semi-final appearance earns the first point after a long rally of shots as Djokovic return crashes on net. Djokovic keeps pressure on Nishikori for 30-30 but Kei comes up with a big serve that helps him go 40-30. A trashy, wide return from Nishikori and we are deuce. Nishikori gets advantage, squanders it and is back on advantage, which he now converts with big serve.

FIRST SET: Novak Djokovic 1 Kei Nishikori 0*

Novak Djokovic serves first and is an instantly in business with giving no points to Kei Nishikori at 40-0.

In the first semi-final of the men’s singles of US Open 2014 to be played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the two players aiming for the last stage glory are top seed Novak Djokovic and 10th seed Kei Nishikori. The match starting at 9.30 pm IST on September 6 has all the ingredients to be blockbuster semi-final considering the top notch form of the two players. On one hand, Novak Djokovic has been barely stretched with just a loss of one set so far in the tournament while on the other hand we have young 24-year-old Kei Nishikori who comes off stunning wins over well known players like Stan Wawrinka and Milos Raonic.

Novak Djokovic is vying for second US Open title here at Flushing Meadows after being a finalist on the previous four occasions as for Nishikori, it is his first semi-final appearance at the grand slam events. Novak Djokovic has enjoys a 2-1 head-to-head lead over Nishikori but one cannot rule out the possibility of yet another surprising result, a common trend so far in this year’s tournament.

Novak Djokovic vs Kei Nishikori Head-to-Head Record

2014 Miami Masters: Novak Djokovic won after Kei Nishikori pulled out with injury in semi-final match.
2011 Basel: Kei Nishikori  defeated Novak Djokovic in three sets 2-6 7-6(4) 6-0 in semi-final match.
2010 French Open: Novak Djokovic defeated Kei Nishikori in straight sets 6-1 6-4 6-4 in second round.

Kei Nishikori wins the 1st Set 6-4