Players of Delhi United Football Club were shocked to see their belongings missing after they returned to their dressing rooms celebrating a victory over a rival club. The incident took on Friday, at the renowned Jawaharlal Nehru Football Stadium, which hosted matches of the Under-17 World Cup in 2017, and remains a training hub for athletes across major sports. Also Read - UP Helpline Calls For Rasgulla, Pizza, Paan And Football Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Delhi United were to take on City FC in a Delhi Football League match, scheduled for a 3:15 PM kickoff. However, as Delhi United celebrated a 2-0 win over City FC and picked up their first three points of the season, their joy turned into dismay once the team returned to its dressing room. The players were shell-shocked to find their stuff missing – cell phones, wallets, bags, clothes and even chewing gums. Also Read - Manipur Give India Its First All-Transgender Football Team

“The kick-off got delayed by around 15-20 minutes but we had locked the dressing room when we left,” Delhi United coach Ayush Bhuttan said. “The keys were with our team manager, who was in the dugout for the entire duration of the match. When the players unlocked the dressing room and walked in, they saw everything was scattered.” Also Read - Manchester United See off Rooney's Derby County, Progress to FA Cup Quarters

An official informed that the club contacted Delhi Police, the local governing body immediately and lodged a complaint at the Lodhi Colony Police Station. After the complaint was raised, Delhi Police has since retrieved CCTV footages from one of the operational security cameras.

“They even took chewing gum from a players’ pocket. We have to make sure the culprit is caught as soon as possible. The police is investigating the matter,” Football Delhi president Shaji Prabhakaran said.