The Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) is unlikely to change their stance on the ongoing pay dispute with Cricket Australia. After CA didn’t agree to accept players’ demand till the deadline June 30, ACA on behalf professional Australian cricketers issued a statement.  “The players have affirmed their commitment to all male and female players at both international and domestic level receiving a ‘fair share’ of the revenue they generate for the game,” the ACA said.

ACA also warned CA that Australia’s forthcoming tours of Bangladesh-starting in August, and tour of India in October would also be boycotted if CA doesn’t accept their proposal.

At least 230 players are officially unemployed. The statement was issued after an emergency meeting where the Australia A’s tour of South Africa which will start on 12 July was boycotted. ACA’s executives also passed 14 resolutions at the same meeting. Also read: Australia Pay Dispute: Cricket Australia Warns Players of Ashes Threat

“The players affirm their view that third party mediation at CEO level remains the right process to resolve the current impasse,” the statement further added.

Due to a standoff between professional players and CA, cricket has become standstill in Australia. Australia A team decided to boycott this month’s South Africa tour to show their solidarity with the other professional cricketers.

“Players expressed a strong desire to Tour both Bangladesh and India and urged CA to support them by renewing an MOU on fair terms, allowing the Tours to proceed,” the statement read. “However, due to the fact of unemployment and the resolution above, absent an MOU there are no professional cricketers presently obliged or available to Tour.”

At the same time, CA issued a statement where it said that players will not be forced to tour South Africa for a triangular series, involving India and the hosts. Also read: Australia Pay Dispute: List of Resolutions Passed by ACA During Emergency Meeting

“Australia A is a development tour which gives players an opportunity to perform at a high level,” the statement read. “It is therefore surprising that players would elect not to tour, however CA has never, and would never attempt to force anyone to play for an Australian team who is unwilling to do so.

“CA remains ready to negotiate a new MOU and has again called on the ACA to show genuine flexibility and commence negotiations in the best interests of the players and the game,” it further added.