Indian badminton stars Kidambi Srikanth and Ashwini Ponnapa, who are a part of the fourth season of Premier badminton League (PBL) pranked some kids in comical fashion.

The duo are among India’s most popular badminton players but they showed they are superb actors too. The video, which was made in collaboration with Red Bulls saw the ‘baddies’ in the makeover of old people, who were initially trying to play badminton with the youngsters but struggling due to ‘old-age ailments’ like backache and lack of strength. However, in a few minutes, the plot takes a comical twist as the shuttlers unleash their ‘real’ inner self on the court, leaving everyone watching baffled.

Watch the video here:

The act played out by Srikanth and Ponnapa would have taken any onlooker by surprise because of the acting proficiency displayed by them. In the past, there have been several other videos of known sports stars carrying out prank in a similar fashion – Cristiano Ronaldo being one of them.

The season four of the PBL commenced from 22nd December and the final match will take place 13th January 2019. The league comprises of nine participating teams which are Ahmedabad Smash Masters, Awadhe Warriors, Bengaluru Raptors, Chennai Smashers, Delhi Dashers, Hyderabad Hunters, Mumbai Rockets, North Eastern Warriors and Pune 7 Aces.