History will be created when Indiana Pacers face Sacramento Kings for two NBA 2019 preseason matches in Mumbai. This will be the first time an NBA pre-season fixture is being held in India.Also Read - Actor Ranveer Singh Named NBA Brand Ambassador For India

The matches will be played on October 4, 2019 (Friday) and October 5, 2019 (Saturday). Also Read - New IT Rules: Big Win For News Channels as Kerala High Court Orders no 'Coercive Action' For Not Following New IT Laws

“It is going to be a really exciting time for us as a team, for the league, to be part of the first NBA India Games 2019 in India. I had a talk with my teammates and they are really excited to see the culture. The biggest thing about India is that the culture is beautiful. I was there earlier this year, I want to give my teammates a chance to walk in the city, eat Indian food and see the Taj Mahal and also work with the kids who are part of the NBA Academy in India. It is a great experience. From a basketball perspective I want to see how passionate the fan base is,” Sacramento Kings’ Harrison Barnes said. Also Read - Indian Cricket Team Has Now More Instagram Followers Than NBA Champions LA Lakers

The matches, Barnes said, will provide Indian fans a chance to get a first-hand experience of what NBA is all about and that i will help in the growth and promotion of the game in the country.

“I think it is one thing to see the game on TV but to be able to see the game up close will give the fans in India an idea of what the game is all about. To feel the excitement and experience, it is what I feel everyone wants to promote. I was very impressed with the kids when I travelled to India this summer, they are very talented. To see how hard they were working and being diligent to details. There is no doubt that the game will grow and that more players will come out of India,” Barnes said.

Indiana Pacers’ General Manager Kevin Pritchard said players from both the teams want to put on a good show. “We’re really excited about getting to India, we talked a lot about it internally and we feel like we are pioneers as this the first NBA game in the country. I think that there’s an excitement from the players and they want to be prepared to put on a good show,” said Pritchard.