Former World Cup-winning captain and current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has a great understanding of the game. He recently made a huge statement while addressing a crowd where he claimed that he has traveled around the world and feels that Pakistan has the most talent in cricket. He also goes on to state why the players are not being able to perform. He feels Pakistan players do not succeed because there is no merit in the system and hence talent cannot be raised and grown for the next level. Imran feels this is the reason why Pakistan cricket is not doing well.

“I have played cricket all around the world and I have seen the most cricketing talent in Pakistan. But because there is no system of merit, we can’t bring that talent up. This is why we are not dominating the world because there is no meritocracy,” he said.

His comments did not go down well with the fans as they took to social media to react.

Not long back, Pakistan cricket team led by Sarfaraz Ahmed could not even make it to the semi-final of the World Cup.