Pro Kabaddi League 2018: Touted as the most followed league in India after the cash-rich Indian Premier League (IPL), Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has created a niche among the sports lovers in the country which has remain obsessed with cricket in the past few decades. The much-awaited Pro Kabaddi League is all set to return for its sixth edition.Also Read - Pro Kabaddi League 6 Final: Bengaluru Bulls Clinches Maiden Title As They Thrash Gujarat Fortunegiants 38-33

Kabaddi has always been a popular one in India, especially in the rural areas of the country. But as is evidenced by the ever-growing TV ratings for the PKL, it has become more than just a sport enjoyed by certain sections of society. Also Read - Pro Kabaddi League 2018: UP Yoddha Enters Playoffs; Patna Ousted

The success of PKL has developed it into a commercially viable tournament – something which can’t be said about many of the leagues that tried to imitate the business model of the IPL. Also Read - Pro Kabaddi League 2018: Bengaluru Registers Convincing Win Over Jaipur

Defending champions Patna Pirates will take on Tamil Thalaivas in the season opening encounter in the Chennai leg of Pro Kabaddi League. In the second match of the day, Puneri Paltan will take on U Mumba. Pardeep Narwal-led Patna Pirates are the most successful team in the history of PKL with three titles against their name.

With Chennai Leg taking place first and Sonipat, Pune, Patna, Greater Noida, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi to follow, here’s how the Schedule of the PKL Season 6 looks like:

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2018-19 Match-Dates, Schedule With Venue Details:

Match No.DateZoneTeam 1VsTeam 2Time (IST)Venue
1Oct 7BTamil ThalaivasVsPatna Pirates08.00 pmChennai
2Oct 7APuneri PaltanVsU Mumba09.00 pmChennai
3Oct 8APuneri PaltanVsHaryana Steelers08.00 pmChennai
4Oct 8BTamil ThalaivasVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmChennai
5Oct 9ADabang Delhi K.C.VsGujarat Fortunegiants08.00 pmChennai
6Oct 9BTamil ThalaivasVsTelugu Titans09.00 pmChennai
7Oct 10AU MumbaVsJaipur Pink Panthers08.00 pmChennai
8Oct 10BTamil ThalaivasVsBengaluru Bulls09.00 pmChennai
9Oct 11BU.P. YoddhaVsPatna Pirates08.00 pmChennai
10Oct 11BTamil ThalaivasVsBengal Warriors09.00 pmChennai
11Oct 12AHaryana SteelersVsGujarat Fortunegiants08.00 pmSonepat
12Oct 12APuneri PaltanVsDabang Delhi K.C.09.00 pmSonepat
13Oct 13BTelugu TitansVsU.P. Yoddha08.00 pmSonepat
14Oct 13AHaryana SteelersVsU Mumba09.00 pmSonepat
15Oct 14BPatna PiratesVsU.P. Yoddha08.00 pmSonepat
16Oct 14AHaryana SteelersVsPuneri Paltan09.00 pmSonepat
17Oct 16BBengal WarriorsVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmSonepat
18Oct 16AHaryana SteelersVsJaipur Pink Panthers09.00 pmSonepat
19Oct 17BBengaluru BullsVsTamil Thalaivas08.00 pmSonepat
20Oct 17AHaryana SteelersVsU Mumba09.00 pmSonepat
21Oct 18AHaryana SteelersVsDabang Delhi K.C.08.00 pmSonepat
22Oct 18APuneri PaltanVsGujarat Fortunegiants09.00 pmPune
23Oct 19BPatna PiratesVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmPune
24Oct 19APuneri PaltanVsJaipur Pink Panthers09.00 pmPune
25Oct 20BU.P. YoddhaVsBengal Warriors08.00 pmPune
26Oct 20APuneri PaltanVsU Mumba09.00 pmPune
27Oct 21Inter-ZoneDabang Delhi K.C.VsBengal Warriors08.00 pmPune
28Oct 21Inter-ZonePuneri PaltanVsBengaluru Bulls09.00 pmPune
29Oct 23Inter-ZoneU MumbaVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmPune
30Oct 23Inter-ZonePuneri PaltanVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmPune
31Oct 24Inter-ZoneBengaluru BullsVsHaryana Steelers08.00 pmPune
32Oct 24Inter-ZonePuneri PaltanVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmPune
33Oct 26Inter-ZonePatna PiratesVsJaipur Pink Panthers08.00 pmPatna
34Oct 26Inter-ZoneGujarat FortunegiantsVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmPatna
35Oct 27Inter-ZoneJaipur Pink PanthersVsBengal Warriors08.00 pmPatna
36Oct 27Inter-ZonePatna PiratesVsU Mumba09.00 pmPatna
37Oct 28Inter-ZoneDabang Delhi K.C.VsU.P. Yoddha08.00 pmPatna
38Oct 28Inter ZonePatna PiratesVsHaryana Steelers09.00 pmPatna
39Oct 30APuneri PaltanVsGujarat Fortunegiants08.00 pmPatna
40Oct 30BPatna PiratesVsTelugu Titans09.00 pmPatna
41Oct 31ADabang Delhi K.C.VsPuneri Paltan08.00 pmPatna
42Oct 31BPatna PiratesVsBengaluru Bulls09.00 pmPatna
43Nov 01BPatna PiratesVsBengalWarriors08.00 pmPatna
44Nov 02BU.P. YoddhaVsTamil Thalaivas08.00 pmNoida
45Nov 02AJaipur Pink PanthersVsGujaratFortunegiants09.00 pmNoida
46Nov 03AU MumbaVsPuneri Paltan08.00 pmNoida
47Nov 03BU.P. YoddhaVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmNoida
48Nov 04ADabangDelhi K.C.VsGujaratFortunegiants08.00 pmNoida
49Nov 04BU.P. YoddhaVsBengalWarriors09.00 pmNoida
50Nov 06AJaipur Pink PanthersVsHaryanaSteelers08.00 pmNoida
51Nov 06BU.P. YoddhaVsTelugu Titans09.00 pmNoida
52Nov 08AHaryanaSteelersVsDabangDelhi K.C.08.00 pmNoida
53Nov 08BU.P. YoddhaVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmNoida
54Nov 09AU MumbaVsJaipur Pink Panthers08.00 pmTBD
55Nov 09BBengalWarriorsVsTelugu Titans09.00 pmTBD
56Nov 10BPatna PiratesVsBengalWarriors08.00 pmTBD
57Nov 10AU MumbaVsGujaratFortunegiants09.00 pmTBD
58Nov 11AJaipur Pink PanthersVsDabangDelhi K.C.08.00 pmTBD
59Nov 11AU MumbaVsHaryanaSteelers09.00 pmTBD
60Nov 13Inter ZonePuneri PaltanVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmTBD
61Nov 13Inter ZoneU MumbaVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmTBD
62Nov 14Inter ZoneTamil ThalaivasVsHaryanaSteelers08.00 pmTBD
63Nov 14Inter ZoneU MumbaVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmTBD
64Nov 15Inter ZonePatna PiratesVsDabangDelhi K.C.08.00 pmTBD
65Nov 15Inter ZoneU MumbaVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmTBD
66Nov 16Inter ZoneGujaratFortunegiantsVsBengalWarriors08.00 pmAhmedabad
67Nov 16Inter ZoneJaipur Pink PanthersVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmAhmedabad
68Nov 17Inter ZonePuneri PaltanVsBengalWarriors08.00 pmAhmedabad
69Nov 17Inter ZoneGujaratFortunegiantsVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmAhmedabad
70Nov 18Inter ZoneJaipur Pink PanthersVsBengaluruBulls08.00 pmAhmedabad
71Nov 18Inter ZoneGujaratFortunegiantsVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmAhmedabad
72Nov 20BTamil ThalaivasVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmAhmedabad
73Nov 20AGujaratFortunegiantsVsDabangDelhi K.C.09.00 pmAhmedabad
74Nov 21BPatna PiratesVsTamil Thalaivas08.00 pmAhmedabad
75Nov 21AGujaratFortunegiantsVsU Mumba09.00 pmAhmedabad
76Nov 22AGujaratFortunegiantsVsHaryanaSteelers08.00 pmAhmedabad
77Nov 23BBengaluruBullsVsBengalWarriors08.00 pmTBD
78Nov 23AJaipur Pink PanthersVsPuneri Paltan09.00 pmTBD
79Nov 24AU MumbaVsDabangDelhi K.C.08.00 pmTBD
80Nov 24BBengaluruBullsVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmTBD
81Nov 25ADabangDelhi K.C.VsHaryanaSteelers08.00 pmTBD
82Nov 25BBengaluruBullsVsPatna Pirates09.00 pmTBD
83Nov 27BTamil ThalaivasVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmTBD
84Nov 27BBengaluru BullsVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmTBD
85Nov 28AHaryanaSteelersVsPuneri Paltan08.00 pmTBD
86Nov 28BBengaluruBullsTelugu Titans09.00 pmTBD
87Nov 29APuneri PaltanVsGujaratFortunegiants08.00 pmTBD
88Nov 29BBengaluruBullsVsBengalWarriors09.00 pmTBD
89Nov 30ADabangDelhi K.C.VsJaipur Pink Panthers08.00 pmTBD
90Nov 30BTamil ThalaivasVsPatna Pirates09.00 pmTBD
91Dec 01ADabangDelhi K.C.VsU Mumba08.00 pmTBD
92Dec 02AU MumbaVsGujaratFortunegiants08.00 pmTBD
93Dec 02ADabangDelhi K.C.VsPuneri Paltan09.00 pmTBD
94Dec 04Inter ZonePatna PiratesVsGujaratFortunegiants08.00 pmTBD
95Dec 04Inter ZoneDabangDelhi K.C.VsTelugu Titans09.00 pmTBD
96Dec 05Inter ZoneHaryana SteelersVsBengal Warriors08.00 pmTBD
97Dec 05Inter ZoneDabangDelhi K.C.VsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmTBD
98Dec 06Inter ZoneU.P. YoddhaVsHaryana Steelers08.00 pmTBD
99Dec 06Inter ZoneDabangDelhi K.C.VsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmTBD
100Dec 07Inter ZoneTelugu TitansVsGujaratFortunegiants08.00 pmHyderabad
101Dec  07Inter ZonePatna PiratesVsPuneri Paltan09.00 pmHyderabad
102Dec 08Inter ZoneU MumbaVsBengal Warriors08.00 pmHyderabad
103Dec 08Inter ZoneTelugu TitansVsJaipur Pink Panthers09.00 pmHyderabad
104Dec 09Inter ZoneTamil ThalaivasVsJaipur Pink Panthers08.00 pmHyderabad
105Dec 09Inter ZoneTelugu TitansVsHaryana Steelers09.00 pmHyderabad
106Dec 11ADabangDelhi K.C.VsU Mumba08.00 pmHyderabad
107Dec 11BTelugu TitansVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmHyderabad
108Dec 12AHaryana SteelersVsGujarat Fortunegiants08.00 pmHyderabad
109Dec 12BTelugu TitansVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmHyderabad
110Dec 13BTelugu TitansVsPatna Pirates08.00 pmHyderabad
111Dec 14AJaipur Pink PanthersVsPuneri Paltan08.00 pmTBD
112Dec 14BBengal WarriorsVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmTBD
113Dec 15BU.P. YoddhaVsTamil Thalaivas08.00 pmTBD
114Dec 15AJaipur Pink PanthersVsU Mumba09.00 pmTBD
115Dec 16BPatna PiratesVsU.P. Yoddha08.00 pmTBD
116Dec 16AJaipur Pink PanthersVsGujaratFortunegiants09.00 pmTBD
117Dec 18BBengaluruBullsVsTelugu Titans08.00 pmTBD
118Dec 18BJaipur Pink PanthersVsHaryana Steelers09.00 pmTBD
119Dec 19APatna PiratesVsBengaluruBulls08.00 pmTBD
120Dec 19BJaipur Pink PanthersVsGujaratFortunegiants09.00 pmTBD
121Dec 20AJaipur Pink PanthersVsDabangDelhi K.C.08.00 pmTBD
122Dec 21Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
123Dec 22Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
124Dec 22BBengal WarriorsVsPatna Pirates09.00 pmKolkata
125Dec 23Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
126Dec 23BBengal WarriorsVsTamil Thalaivas09.00 pmKolkata
127Dec 25Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
128Dec 25BBengal WarriorsVsTelugu Titans09.00 pmKolkata
129Dec 26Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
130Dec 26BBengal WarriorsVsBengaluruBulls09.00 pmKolkata
131Dec 27Inter-ZoneTBCVsTBC08.00 pmKolkata
132Dec 27BBengal WarriorsVsU.P. Yoddha09.00 pmKolkata

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2018-19 Match-Dates, Schedule With Venue Details:

Match No.DateTypeTeam 1VsTeam 2Time (IST)Venue
1Dec 30Eliminator-1TBCVsTBC08.00 pmTBD
2Dec 30Eliminator-2TBCVsTBC09.00 pmTBD
3Dec 31Qualifier-1TBCVsTBC08.00 pmTBD
4Dec 31Eliminator-3TBCVsTBC09.00 pmTBD
5Jan 03, 2019Qualifier-2TBCVsTBC08.00 pmTBD
Match No.DateTypeTeam 1VsTeam 2Time (IST)Venue
1Jan 05, 2019FinalTBCVsTBC08.00 pmTBD

Here’s the full squad list of all the 12 teams:

Bengal Warriors

Defenders: PO Surjeet Singh, Ameares Mondal, Ziaur Rahman, Baldev Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Manoj Dhull

Raiders: Mithin Kumar, Jang Kun Lee, Mahesh Goud, Amit Kumar, Amit Nagar, Rakesh Narwal, Ashish

All-rounders: Vittal Meti, Bhupender Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Ran Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat

Bengaluru Bulls

Defenders: Amit Sheoran, Mahender Singh, Ashish Kumar, K. Jawahar Vivek, Sandeep Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhaka, B. R. Nithesh, Raju Lal Choudhary

Raiders: Rohit Kumar, Harish Naik, Sumit Singh, Kashiling Adake, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, V. Anand, Anil, Rohit

All-rounders: Jasmer Singh Gulia, Mahesh Maruti Magdum, Dong Ju Hong, Gyung Tae Kim

Dabang Delhi

Defenders: Tushar Balaram Bhoir, Satpal, Viraj Vishnu Landge, Vishal Mane, Joginder Singh Narwal, Anil Kumar, Ravinder Pahal

Raiders: Naveen Kumar, Khomsan Thongkham, Pawan Kumar Kadian, Chandran Ranjit, Shabeer Bappu, Yogesh Hooda, Kamal Kishor Jat

All-rounders: Sidharth, Rajesh Narwal, Vishal, Meraj Sheykh, Tapas Pal

Gujarat Fortunegiants

Defenders: Sunil Kumar, C. Kalai Arasan, Amit Vikram Kandola, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin Vittala, Amit Jaivir Sharma

Raiders: Dharmender, Yashwant Bishnoi, Shubham Ashok Palkar, Ajay Kumar, K. Prapanjan, Dong Geon Lee, Lalit Chaudhary, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Sachin

All-rounders: Rohit Gulia, Hadi Oshtorak, Anil

Haryana Steelers

Defenders: Vikas, Neeraj Kumar, Surender Nada, Sachin Shingade, Amit Singh

Raiders: H. N. Arun Kumar, Md. Zakir Hossain, Wazir Singh, Monu Goyat, Anand Surendra Tomar, Bhuvneshwar Gaur

All-rounders: Prateek, Patrick Nzau Muvai, Mayur Shivtarkar, Kuldeep Singh

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Defenders: Nitin Rawal, Santhapanaselvam, Young Chang Ko, Mohit Chhillar, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Bajirao Hodage

Raiders: Ajit Singh, Lokesh Kaushik, David Shilisia J Mosambayi, Anup Kumar, K. Selvamani, Gangadhari Mallesh, Sunil Siddhgavali, Anand Patil

All-rounders: Deepak Niwas Hooda, Brijendra Singh Chaudhary, N. Shiva Ramakrishna.

Patna Pirates

Defenders: Jaideep, Manish, Vikas Kale, Ravinder Kumar, Vijay Kumar

Raiders: Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Narwal, Surender Singh, Tushar Patil, Vikas Jaglan, Manjeet

All-rounders: Kuldeep Singh, Hyunil Park, Taedeok Eom, Parveen Birwal, Arvind Kumar, Vijay, Jawahar Dagar

Puneri Paltan

Defenders: Girish Maruti Ernak, Rinku Narwal, Vikash Khatri, Ravi Kumar, Vinod Kumar

Raiders: G. B. More, Rajesh Mondal, Nitin Tomar, Deepak Kumar Dahiya, Parvesh, Akshay Jadhav

All-rounders: Takamitsu Kono, Sanjay Shrestha, Amit Kumar, Monu, Sandeep Narwal

Tamil Thalaivas

Defenders: Amit Hooda, C. Arun, J. Darshan, Jae Min Lee, Sunil, D. Gopu

Raiders: Ajay Thakur, Jasvir Singh, Anand, Sukesh Hegde, C. P. O. Surjeet Singh, M. S. Athul, Anil Kumar

All-rounders: V. Vimal Raj, Manjeet Chhillar, Chan Sik Park, D. Pradap

Telugu Titans

Defenders: Sombir, Abozar Mohajermighani, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, C. Manoj Kumar, Sanket Chavan, Anuj Kumar, Deepak, Rakesh Singh Kumar

Raiders: Nilesh Salunke, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Rakshith, Rajnish, Ankit Beniwal, Kamal Singh, Rahul Chaudhari

All-rounders: Mahender Reddy, Armaan, Vishal Bhardwaj

UP Yoddha

Defenders: Nitesh Kumar, Pankaj, Jeeva Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Nitin Mavi, Vishav Chaudhary, Amit

Raiders: Azad Singh, Sulieman Kabir, Shrikant Jadhav, Rishank Devadiga, Prashant Kumar Rai, Rohit Kumar Choudhary, Bhanu Pratap Tomar

All-rounders: Sagar B. Krishna, Seong Ryeol Kim, Arkam Shaikh, Narender

U Mumba

Defenders: Surender Singh, Anil, Fazel Atrachali, Hadi Tajik, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rajaguru Subramanian, Rohit Rana, Adinath Sakharam Gavali

Raiders: Gaurav Kumar, Abolfazl Maghsoudloumahali, Vinod Kumar, Darshan Kadian, R. Sriram, Siddharth Sirish Desai, Arjun Deshwal, Abhishek Singh, Rohit Balyan

All-rounders: E. Subash, Shiv Om, Mohit Balyan