Professional boxer Tyson Fury exchanged blows with wrestler Braun Strowman in the main event of the WWE Raw in Bakersfield, California. Tyson, who’s won 29 of 30 professional bouts in his career, came to the event to demand an apology from Strowman after the WWE star had stared him down during last Smackdown’s FOX debut on Friday.

During an eight-man tag match, Strowman, while bulldozing fellow wrestler with his move the “Trainwreck”, outside the ring, stopped in his tracks and taunted Fury, who was ringside for the show. Strowman accidentally threw Dolph Ziggler, who collided with Fury, leaving the heavyweight boxer irate. Fury crossed the barricade but was intervened by the WWE security.

On Tuesday, Fury walked down the ramp and in in-ring interview segment, demanded an apology from Strowman for his actions. The “Monster Among Men”, as Strowman is known in the WWE, responded by getting into the ring and the two premier athletes traded jibes. Fury, a multi-time heavyweight champion, seemed to have triggered Strowman by reminding he was yet to win a championship in the WWE and shoved the 400-pounder.

Strowman retaliated by picking Fury up and thudding him against the turnbuckle, triggering the brawl. The security tried to intervene but Fury broke through it and jumped on Strowman leading to the athletes trading fists. Fury and Strowman kept overpowering the security time and again, before the entire locker room rushed out trying to keep the two away from each other. But Strowman and Fury were too powerful for even the entire roster.

After struggling initially, the superstars were finally able to separate the two, but by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem the end of Fury and Strowman’s saga. Following the brawl, Strowman, during a back-stage interview, said he would not take kindly to an outsider ”entering to his home and insulting him”, and that Fury will “get these hands”, a catchphrase Strowman uses in the WWE.

Strowman and Fury engaging in a brawl isn’t the first instance of a WWE wrestler and an non-WWE athlete have come face to face. Last Friday, Brock Lesnar, current WWE champion, was interrupted by MMA artist Cain Velasquez, who took his former rival down. Velasquez had in fact beaten Lesnar to win the UFA heavyweight championship six years ago and it’s likely that the two are set to renew their rivalry, only this time in a WWE ring rather than the octagon.