It is not very often when a majority of India’s population unite for a sports other than cricket. Cricket, being the most celebrated sports in the country, has stolen a huge chunk of the limelight offered to sports and thus, common man is mostly unaware of the how active India is in the other sports played. However, Olympics is something that has always had(and possibly will maintain to) priority, looking at the margin of the tournament and this is that time when sports like wrestling, badminton, shooting, archery etc draw the attention of average Indians. (READ: PV Sindhu wins silver medal for India in Women’s Singles Badminton at Rio Olympics) Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: What India, China Discussed During 16-Hour Long Military-Level Talks | Read Here

This year, though a very promising squad was sent to the event to represent the hopes of 1.3 billion lives of the country at the Rio Olympics 2016, the performance has been at par. Medals were something that big names came close to but could not wear and there came a point in time while most of the sports enthusiasts gave up the hope to see an athlete representing the tri-colour climb up the podium. Then came two back to back successes which brought back the smiles, while Sakshi Malik bagged a bronze, PV Sindhu created history by being the proud receiver of a silver medal. However, the final was one that proved it was not an easy win for World No. 1 Carolina Marin. Also Read - Ladakh Standoff: India-China Hold 10th Round of Military Talks For Further Disengagement | What to Expect

It was a very soothing experience for a sports enthusiast as every person around was aware of an event of badminton and looked more keen to know how that ends than the ongoing India vs West Indies Test series, for this is nothing short of a miracle. People knew what this event meant, and gathered around tv sets wherever possible to catch the glimpse of the history in making. Also Read - After Acknowledging Casualties, China Releases Galwan Clash Video

Carolina started off as was expected of her, a subtle point in a short rally in the beginning. She kept on adding points one after another and Sindhu still had not scored her first. The Indian shuttler had defeated world No. 8, 6 and 2 en route to the final. But to achieve her first point in the final, she had to wait a lot which showed it would not be as easy to take down the top seeded shuttler.

After being dominated by her Spanish competitor, Sindhu came back strong and won the first set by a close margin of 21-19. Both looked tired after a long set full off few long rallies; Sindhu started losing touch and yet again Caroline started dominating. She again gained sorted herself and post the break after Caroline reached 11 points, a completely different Sindhu came to play. At a certain point, it started looking like it will be another 2-0 straight win for the Indian, but the result was different.

The final set also saw a domination from the Spanish shuttler from the very beginning, Sindhu fought back, making it tougher for her opponent to reach her golden milestone of 21 bagging her last point when Caroline was at 20, but it did not end in her favour.

It was never easy for a world No. 10 to face the world No. 1, but throughout the match, one could hardly say it is a match between two uneven powers. Both were favourites for their performance, Sindhu’s talent reflected off her game. It might be a silver and not gold, but her bold attitude towards the game, never-say-die spirit and the fight back she gave, all made it a match to remember for the lifetime.