Former India cricketer and Director of Cricket Operations at National Cricket Academy, Rahul Dravid is celebrating his 47th birthday today. Also Read - Virat Kohli is Like Modern Day Hero, Represents New Attitude of India: Steve Waugh

Popularly known as The Wall, Dravid’s copybook technique and solid defence made him a standout performer in the cricketing world. His ability to absorb pressure and build marathon innings is a stuff of legend. Also Read - Rahul Dravid's Role Was Massive in Young Players' Growth: Ajinkya Rahane

However, there were times when Dravid broke character and showed he was capable of scoring at blistering pace as well. One such rare instance came during his T20I debut when he left everyone stunned with a hat-trick of sixes. Also Read - Rahul Dravid on Receiving Praise For India's Historic Series Win Over Australia: 'The Boys Deserve All The Credit'

It happened in 2011 against England with Samit Patel being at the receiving end. Going into the match, Dravid had made a major announcement that he would no longer a part of India’s limited-overs squad and was playing the game because on the management’s request.

For the first six, he cleared his front leg, made room and swatted it towards deep mid-wicket. For the second one, he came down the track and hit it straight over long-on. The third one was a slog sweep, coming off the middle of his bat as the ball went sailing into the crowd completing the hat-trick.

Here is the video:

Dravid has scored over 10K runs in both Tests and ODIs which includes a combined 48 centuries.

He is also the only cricketer to have been involved in two 300+ run partnerships.

It’s no surprise that Dravid holds the record for facing the maximum deliveries in Test cricket.

In 164 Tests, Dravid has faced a total of 31,258 balls, almost 3000 deliveries more than the one next in line Sachin Tendulkar. He has also spent 44,152 minutes at the crease in Tests which equals to almost 736 hours, the most by any Test cricketer.