India head coach Ravi Shastri thanks CAC and Kapil Dev after being retained. Shastri edged out the rest to win the faith of the panel who ensured Ravi got a term till the 2021 World T20. After the selection was made, Ravi thanked CAC as he said that he felt honoured and privileged for the job. “I first like to thank the CAC — Shantha, Kapil and Anshu — for having the faith in me to let me continue for another 26 months,” head coach Ravi said in an interview to

Here is the video where Ravi is thanking the people who ensured he continues.

“It’s a privilege and honour to be part of an Indian team setup. The reason why I came in was I had the belief in this team… belief that this team can leave a legacy that very teams have in the past. Not just for the moment they’re playing… you know the kind of legacy… going down the line other teams would try and emulate,” the Shastri added.

Asked if the CAC should also have an opinion in selecting the support staff, Kapil responded in the positive. “Yes, our opinion should be there. If you ask me, we have (sent) a recommendation to the Board about the selection process of the support staff as well. It is not right, if we are not doing that job also,” Kapil said asked for his opinion on the matter.