New Delhi: Ace Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs, on Monday, were involved in an exchange on Twitter which eventually turned awkward. Ashwin, while replying to Gibbs’s jibe about his perceived inability to run fast, raked up the South African alleged involvement in the 2000 match-fixing scandal.

It all started with Ashwin promoting a new pair of running shoes on his Twitter account and emphasising on their comfort and ability to ease running, to which Gibbs replied “Hopefully you will be able to run a bit faster now ashwin”.

Here are the tweet and reply

However, Ashwin probably felt insulted by Gibb’s remark and the off-spinner in reply took a jibe at the 43-year old and replied, “Surely not as fast as you did mate, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed as you were. But I was blessed with a wonderfully ethical mind not to fix games which put food on my plate.”

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Replying back to Ashwin, Gibbs said that the India off-spinner couldn’t take a ‘joke’.

However, Ashwin, in order to take control of the situation and cover up for the cheap shot he took at Gibbs, claimed his jibe was a joke. “I totally believed my reply was a joke too, but look how people and yourself perceived it. I am totally game for this sort of fun mate, we shall dine over this sometime,” he tweeted.

Later, Ashwin even deleted the ‘fixing’ tweets and gave his reasons for doing so.

Gibbs was famously involved in a match-fixing scandal in the year 2000 along with Hansie Cronje, Nicky Boje, among others. Gibbs even admitted to under-perform in a one-day international against India, where he accepted an offer from his former captain to make less than 20 runs in an ODI in India earlier in the year in exchange for $15,000. The former batsman was found guilty for which he was fined and suspended for six months by his national cricket board.