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Real 0-4 Barca – Full Time | Real Madrid vs Barcelona El Clasico Live Updates and Score, La Liga 2015-16

Catch the Live Updates of the 'El Clasico' match between Real Madrid and Barcelona here.

Updated: November 22, 2015 1:52 AM IST

By R Vishal

Real 0-4 Barca - Full Time | Real Madrid vs Barcelona El Clasico Live Updates and Score, La Liga 2015-16

(Catch the Live Updates of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona, ‘El Clasico’ 2015-16 match between Real Madrid and Barcelona here)

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Barca players from a huddle in the middle while Real will feel the heat over the next week. They had their moments and Bravo stood like a rock. Ronaldo and co are booed off the field by the supporters. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Till next time, Good Night

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Full Time

90+2′ The last act of the game sees Busquets pull off a rugby tackle on Benzema and is promptly given a yellow card. The full time whistle is blown.

90′ At the other end, Bravo (Phew, take a bow son) pulls off another spectacular save and the ball is tipped away over the bar from Ronaldo’s header.

89′ What a miss from Munir! He will not get a better chance than this and could have easily been five. Messi passed it from the left and Pique was all set to take a shot. Munir shoots wide.

87′ Real Madrid on the counter and they nearly get one back. Benzema with the shot and the ball was deflected wide but that was not far away from the goal after Ronaldo played a through ball from the left.

86′ Munir takes a shot and it was not far away although he should have done better. Neymar and Messi were in countries of space before it was teed up for the substitute.

84′ Isco sees Red!! Neymar had beaten him for dead and from behind, he makes a foolish tackle and doesn’t even bother arguing with the referee. It’s going from bad to worse for Madrid

82′ Barca on the ball and Messi is on the left flank. He exchanges passes with Neymar and Modric gets back on time. Carvajal makes a disastrous tackle and could have seen red. Alba is livid and yellow card is given

80‘ Benzema..Bravo makes another point-blank save!!! Offside flag is raised but that was yet another spectacular effort from the Barca goalie. Another one! Yet again it is Benzema as Real desperately try to get one back and the effort is tipped away this time. Header came of Carvajal’s cross.

78′ Ronaldo tries to create something and Pique clears the ball. Carvajal’s reverse pass is intercepted by Alba, who drives forward with the ball. He finds Messi at the edge of the area and tries to find Suarez but Real get men back on time this time.

76′ The crowd is disgruntled and are letting their feelings known. Iniesta comes off and there are quite a few who are giving a standing ovation to the Barca captain.

74′ GOAL!!! Real 0-4 Barca (Suarez) Cut open and it is all so easy! The defense is ripped apart as Messi plays the ball to Neymar, whose first touch is past the defensive line, Suarez is through on goal and dinks the ball over the keeper and bye bye, Madrid

72′ Barca cut Real into ribbons again. Messi with the ball on the counter, he reaches the edge of the area and crosses to the right for Suarez and Ramos backheels with his right leg and clears the ball out of the area. That could have been a goal too.

70′ The ball reaches the other end as Iniesta spots a run from Jordi Alba on the left and the ball runs out for a goal-kick. Rolando latches on to a brilliant ball from Bale over the top and his shot cannons off the woodwork. Offside flag up.

68‘ Isco carries the ball out and Bale powers down the right through his pace and crosses the ball to the far post, which has Ronaldo waiting and WHAT A SAVE!! Navas with a point-blank save from Ronaldo!

67′ Messi getting into the game steadily and wins a foul from 30 yards out. Messi takes it himself and the ball bounces off the wall.

66′ Iniesta is simply mesmerising with the ball at his feet. He turns and passes to the right to Messi, who plays a superb ball over the top to Suarez, who made a run in the area. The ball is cut back to Messi, who takes a shot and the ball goes out for a corner.

64′ Bale dashes down the left flank and takes a shot and the ball bounces behind for a corner. The Welshman appeals for a penalty. The corner is taken and Real take it short. Cross comes in from the right wing and the ball is cleared well by Mathieu.

62′ Barca taking the mickey out of Real by passing the ball around with ease with chants of “Ole, Ole” ringing in the background. Barca win a free kick as Luca Modric fouls Neymar. Barca lose the ball.

61′ Carvajal nearly scores there! Seconds after coming on, the right back powers into the area and takes a shot. The ball comes off Mathieu and the ball is only inches wide.

59′ Danilo comes off after having a nightmare trying to defend Neymar. Carvajal comes on and Real have a corner. Kroos with the delivery and Barca hold firm and the ball is cleared.

57‘ Not sure how Benitez’s change is going to affect proceedings. Lionel Messi gets his first touch and tries to free Suarez on the left. Ramos is lucky to be on the pitch after his tackle on Roberto a minute ago.

James is off and Isco takes the pitch. To add insult to injury, Enrique sends Lionel Messi on, Rakitic comes off

54′ Real Madrid’s defense is all over the place and here again, Suarez bombs down the left flank, gets past Varane and takes a shot. Real survive as the ball crashes into the side netting.

52′ GOAL!!! Real 0-3 Barca (Andres Iniesta) What a strike. Busquests wins the ball in midfield and Neymar plays a gorgeous back heel at the edge of the area to set the Barca skipper, who unleashes a thunderous shot beyond the reach of Navas

51‘ Fantastic free kick from Neymar. The ball is tipped over the bar by Navas, who makes a finger-tip save. The corner is cleared from Real.

50′ Real’s inswinger is cleared by Mathieu and Barca have possession of the ball. Roberto cuts in again and a flying tackle comes in from Ramos and Barca have a free-kick from 25 yards out. Ramos gets a yellow

48′ James with a shot!! The ball is tipped away from the big hands of Bravo. The Colombian got the ball and let one fly from 25 yards out and Real have a corner.

47′ The second half is under way and it is Real have possession on the ball–

Marcelo with a shot!!!! So close there and hits the side netting. It was excellent football from the Madrid left-back, running down the left and beating Pique’s tackle and the ball hits the side netting.

Half Time Real have mountain to climb but are lucky to be only 0-2 down

45+2′ How on earth did Marcelo save that!!! Cleared off the line and it was after a sumptuous one-two between Neymar and Suarez and the the cut back from the Brazilian was met by the No 9, his shot went goalwards but Marcelo cleared it with one foot planted on the line. Real go into the dugout heaving a sigh of relief.

45+1′ Barca still have possession and get to the edge of the Real area after the home side los the ball in midfield. Barca are just running down the clock to half-time

43′ Barca are on the ball and are passing the ball around with great purpose. Dani Alves is on the ball on the right as controls a diagonal ball from Iniesta. He waltzes past Marcelo and but can’t get the cross in.

41‘ Real are on the ball and are having it for a concerted amount of time and here go Barca on the counter again and  but Real get back in numbers on time.

38′ GOAL!!! Real 0-2 Barca (Neymar) It had to be this man and it was a delicious finish. At the other end, Barca almost conceded and here, Iniesta’s immaculate close control left the backline dead and he passed the ball to Neymar, who was onside and slotted the ball between Navas’s legs.

36′ More tumbling from the Barca players and here is Alves is holding his knee and is appealing for a foul. There was no intent from Ramos, who was going for the ball and the Barca right back had just barged into him.

34′ Neymar fails to link up with Suarez in the centre after he made a powerful run on the left. The final pass was missing as the Uruguayan was waiting inside the area.

32′ Barca get the ball and this time, there is some scrappy play in the away half. Barca are back to their short-passing game and Iniesta thunders into Modric. High-fives from the players and Real have a free-kick.

30‘ Dani Alves takes down Ronaldo as Real look for a quick counter. There is a clash of heads and the Brazilian is down holding his head. The referee is having none of it and hands out a yellow card.

28′ Barca win a corner and it is Neymar who is terrorising the home defense just as he receives a pass from  Busquests. Barca have a corner and Neymar’s delivery is straight to the keeper.

27′ James comes up with a shot and it is Real’s best attempt of the game so far. Modric hung on to the lose ball and he passed it to the Colombian on the right, who cut in and had a shot from outside the box.

Substitution: Javier Mascherano can’t carry on and is a big blow to Barca. Jeremy Mathieu comes on.

26′ Real Madrid have a good spell of possession and yet again, there is a lack of cutting edge about their attacks. Marcelo was on the ball at the left flank and the ball was crossed in but it was too close to the keeper.

24′ The free kick is curled in from Neymar and is misses Suarez’s head narrowly. In come Barca again on the counter and it is squared for Roberto….who shoots over the bar.

22‘ Barca get a free kick from a dangerous position. Neymar latches on to a terrible pass forward from Ramos. The Brazilian skips past James, who heckled down. James goes in the book.

21‘ Danilo and Modric exchanged passes on the right. It is passed back and Kroos, who is on the ball can’t control it and Suarez is up and away on the left. Varane knees him from behind and a foul is given. The Frenchman is livid at Suarez.

19′ Bale nearly got his name in the book as he stamped on Alba, who goes down clutching his knee. Madrid on the ball now.

17′ There is a bit of drama there is Alves and Ronaldo tussle in the box. The foul has gone against the Real Madrid forward and the incensed Ramos has a word with the referee. Bale found space on the right and swung a ball in as the action happened.

16′ James and Mascherano vie for the ball and the Colombian catches the Barca defender on his shin. There is a bit of a stoppage here as Mascherano gets back up on his feet.

14′ Extraordinary bit of play there by Iniesta!! Barca are turning on the style and the skipper plays a gorgeous diagonal ball to Roberto on the right and he cuts in on his left and cuts back to Iniesta, who shoots over.

13′ Barca were nearly through on goal again. Suarez got the ball and nearly played Neymar through but  Ramos was vigilant there and Real live to survive another day.

11′ GOAL!!! Real 0-1 Barca (Luis Suarez) That was a cheeky run behind the last defender and a class finish to the bottom corner to go with it. Roberto though, set the goal up by cutting in on the left and playing a reverse pass to Suarez, who had made a run behind Ramos. First touch and the ball goes past Navas, who has no chance.

10′ Ronaldo on the attack and he breezes past Mascherano on the right and swings a cross in but there is nobody at the near post. The ball is cleared, just about. That was close!!

8′ Pique recovers well as Real launch a counter and Benzema was away on the left. The Barca defender got the final touch and the ball goes back to the keeper. The Frenchman is appealing for a foul though.

7‘ Barcelona get their passing game going and have slowed the tempo down. Iniesta on the ball and the ball goes back to Pique and goes back forward. Iniesta on the ball again and Neymar takes a shot as he gets a bit of space and the ball goes over the bar…close.

5′ Neymar races away on the counter and gets to the byline, he cuts in and looks for a cross floating over the Real defense but the ball goes straight to Keylor Navas.

3′ Ronaldo gets the better of Gerald Pique on the left and wins a corner after Modric and James exchanged a good set of passes to head into the area. Short corner taken and the ball and Barca clear.

1′ Suarez on the receiving end of a thunderous tackle and the referee has a word with Sergio Ramos straightaway. Madrid have the ball though.

It is an ultra-attacking lineup set out by Rafael Benitez. Barcelona start out predictably. Lionel Messi starts from the bench in this contest

The Lineups are out:

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Danilo, Sergio Ramos (c), Rafael Varane, Marcelo; Luca Modric, Toni Kroos; James Rodrigues; Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema.

Barcelona: Claudio Bravo; Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Jordi Alba;  Sergio Busquests, Andres Iniesta, Ivan Rakitic; Sergi Roberto, Neymar, Luis Suarez

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the ‘El Clasico’ match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Not since the Brazilian Ronaldo going down in the 1998 World Cup final due to a seizure attack the night before the final has so much talk revolved around a player’s availability. This time, it is Lionel Messi’s fitness that has thronged so much of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match. The Argentine maverick has been out for a month and rumours are rife with him making a comeback in Santiago Bernabeau. Catch the live streaming of the match here

There has been very little to choose from, form-wise between these two teams although Real suffered a shock defeat against Sevilla before the international break. Rafael Benitez has little fitness worries coming into the contest despite Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema just about passing their fitness in the nick of time. Luis Enrique on the other hand, has a host of fitness worries heading into the match Also Read: Real Madrid vs Barcelona match preview

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Published Date: November 21, 2015 10:24 PM IST

Updated Date: November 22, 2015 1:52 AM IST