The 101st edition of the Olympic Games is about to come to a spectacular end, as Brazil‘s Rio de Janerio gets set to give an outstanding adieu to the Rio Olympics 2016. However, amidst all the thrilling actions and sporting events, with nations claiming record medals, it was also about the host nation, which must be looked upon to have done so much for presenting this sporting extravaganza. Although Brazil could not do much in the medals tally, the most watched out sport from the Brazil was ought to be the game of football, as the whole world is quite familiar with the concept that they are the record world champions in football, with six FIFA World Cup titles. Rio Olympics 2016 LIVE Updates, 20th Aug, Day 16

Although of late they have not been performing up to the mark as champions, and have been pretty disappointing in international football, especially in the big tournaments, they are still considered as one of the powerhouse in world football. Fans still have the memory fresh of Brazil’s last World Cup defeat in 2014 to Germany in the semi-final, where they were hammered 7-1, thus inflicting them with the most severe defeat in the World Cup history, as the crowd in Rio de Janerio, and the whole world watched the demise haplessly.

However, just a couple of years later, at the same venue, and against the very same opponent, Brazil have managed to turn things around, as the hosts beat the Germans in the final match of the Rio Olympics 2016, and also won the gold medal to even the odds, as the hosts earned a so called sweet revenge over their World Cup opponents, while they went on to beat the Germans 6-5 on penalties. 2016 Rio Olympics India Day 16 schedule, August 21 in IST

Now, with the job being done, and Brazil gaining a revenge over the Germans, the next question that well pops up in most of the minds of the Brazilian football fans, is that if it is a new beginning, or a rise of a new era in Brazillian football. The answer to this question is indeed a tough one, but can be answered if we assess a few things. However, the most common difference that most of us would notice is that the losing team was without their star striker Neymar, while the winning team consisted of Neymar.

Although Neymar is a big asset for Brazilian football at present, he is not the only thing that Brazil relies upon now a days, especially following the severe World Cup semi-final defeat. Despite the defeat, Brazil have continued to perform fairly at international level, as the 2015 Copa America saw them qualifying for the quarter-final, while they faced disappointment in the 2016 Copa America Centenario, where they were ousted in the group stage. Rio Olympics 2016 Live Streaming in India, Day 16

It must also be noted that following the World Cup semi-final loss, then manager Luiz Felipe Scolari was sacked and replaced by former Brazil manager Dunga. However, just a couple of years in charge, and failure to win a title, along with a disappointing performance in the 2016 Copa America led to his dismissal as well, and Tite has been appointed as the new manager of the national side, under whom, the team has eventually overcome all the odds and obstacles to go past few of the best sides in the world to clinch the gold medal, that is really appreciable.

However, the most notable thing, which most of us are ought to miss out that this was not a full and a star-studded Brazilian side, as in the Olympics, only the U-23 teams are allowed to participate. Nevertheless, a star-studded full side too would have come up with a better and improved performance, but also would have face tough competition from the other sides, who too would have most likely fielded their full squad. Rio olympics 2016: Neymar’s nerves of steel hand Brazil first football gold

Regarding the gameplay, Brazil had a reserved style of gameplay, as they looked to keep the possession intact for a longer period, rather than going for an all-out attack straightaway, which indeed worked in favour of the Brazilians this time, as the goals came at the proper time to give them the all- needed win. Also, the youngsters, who were given a chance in the side, lived up to the expectations, and indeed delivered, as they received crucial outing with the national side, and gained international recognition and fame, that is ought to make them the contenders for the upcoming edition of the world cup and its preparation, and qualifying matches.

Therefore, considering the factors overall, it has been a mixed performance for Brazil, as they have somewhat lived upto the expectations. However, they still need to work on plenty of areas to be strong enough to compete in major tournaments and World Cup, and most of all, to be termed ‘champion team’ again. As for the future of the Brazilian football, it’s definitely on a good rise, and a new era of the Brazilian football has not yet risen, but the birth is soon to happen. And when it does, they will bee an all new force to reckon with, and possibly again the worst nightmare for other football nations. Brazil wins gold in men’s football at Rio Olympics 2016, beats Germany 5-4 in penalty shootout