Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt were simply cracking at Rio Olympics 2016. They did what they do best, stealing the spotlight from one and all. Talking of international action, there were not many surprises because these two were in form. And what else can you say about them other than the fact that they were simply unstoppable. Phelps won five golds, Bolt took three.

We will always remember USA and Phelps. How this man does, he only knows. He was fantastic like no tomorrow. Picking a bunch of gold medals once again. The fact that he may not swim more is disappointing but he gave us some fine memories. The career he had is unparallel in the history of all sports and Rio highlighted that.

He has been able to do it again and again and that is most remarkable. Spare a thought for all other great swimmers who were constantly overshadowed by Phelps who was and is one of a kind. China were not great and had their medals tally on shaky ground for a long while. One expects them t be back all guns blazing in a more familiar setting in Tokyo. (Usain Bolt wins record 6th IAAF award)

Bolt was himself and it will be a pity that we may not see him at Olympics any more. His legend will really be hard to replicate. Great Britain was the story of the Games. How they have transformed themselves has been simply superb and more power to their athletes. Then we have to say that it was overall a fine, controversy-free show in Rio in general. (Michael Phelps announces his retirement from Olympic Games)