Federer ambushes Milos Raonic in the tie-breaker as the six times former champion registers a comfortable victory over the Canadian. Delight to watch him play as he wins the match 6-1,7-6. Roger Federer beats Milos Raonic 6-1,7-6!!

Milos Raonic 6 Roger Federer 6

Good play of tennis by the Canadian has brought the crowd alive at the O2 Arena. Raonic impresses with his ability to play at the net as he plays the passing shot taking Federer by surprise. But his inability to close down the game continues to haunt as Federer levels 6-6 and we have a tie-breaker in hand.

Milos Raonic 6 Roger Federer 6*

We are moving towards the first tie-breaker of the match as Raonic does not let go of the lead with his menacing serves against Federer. He leads 6-5.

Milos Raonic 5* Roger Federer 5

Federer has not lost to the same player back-to-back in his career, Can Raonic do it tonight? Looks like a nope for the moment as he holds his service game with a slight hiccup to 5-5.

Milos Raonic 5 Roger Federer 4*

Milos Raonic looks set to stretch this game as his 141 mph serve is too quick for Federer as the 33-year-old makes a wild return to hand Raonic a slender lead of 5-4 in the second set.

Milos Raonic 4* Roger Federer 4

Milos returns an incredible shot and again he makes the use of short ball and leaves Federer baffling as he hits the return beyond his reach. Federer comes back with blistering backhand passing shot. He goes 40-30 up and takes the service game as Raonic adds another unforced error.

Milos Raonic 4 Roger Federer 3*

Raonic’s quick serve are shaping this set towards the tie-breaker. He is doing good to mix up the first serves with volleys, more spin, variety and bringing Federer to the net. He continues to hold this service game. He is 4-3 in the second set.

Milos Raonic 3* Roger Federer 3

We have second deuce game on Federer’s service game as Raonic is finding his feet on the court. Raonic return has become better as finds himself yet another chance to break Federer’s game and get a break point. Federer finds his way back again, thanks to his second serve that just kissed the line and went. He follows it with good first serves to level the set at 3-3.

Milos Raonic 3 Roger Federer 2*

Milos Raonic looks a much better player than he did in the first set. He is bringing the lethal first serves to his advantage. This is a good comeback after he lost a way in the second game of the set. He serves out a neat 40-0 service game.

Milos Raonic 2* Roger Federer 2

The first game that saw Federer being unsettled by Raonic. Federer raced to a 40-15 before Raonic pulled surprising doubles points back to bring the first deuce on Federer’s game. Good serve frustrates Raonic as Federer takes the advantage. Raonic displays good footwork and plays inside-out shot to level the points to deuce. Raonic is awarded the advantage as his return clipped the line, confirmed after being challenged by Federer. After saving two break points, Federer serves out the match in his favour. He does not allow break point.

Milos Raonic 2 Roger Federer 1*

Milos Raonic started the second service game well with two good first serves in before Federer clawed in. Raonic barely managed to held his service game and avoided giving Federer another early lead in the second set.

Milos Raonic 1* Roger Federer 1

Roger Federer does not look intimidated by Raonic’s new found consistency as he goes by his chalked plane. Good serve, volley and open court helps him nail Raonic. He holds his service game to take it 1-1 in the second set.

Milos Raonic 1 Roger Federer 0*

Milos Raonic is not in mood to give up the big game as he comes back all cylinders firing with aces on his serve and thanks to unforced error on Federer’s racquet takes him 40-0 up on his service game. Effective forehands helps him take the first game and is up 1-0.

FIRST SET: Roger Federer wins 6-1 

Not a fairy-tale start for Milos Raonic in his debut match at the ATP World Tour Finals as Federer goes 40-15 up and outroots him by taking the opening set 6-1. Federer’s second serve was way better than Raonic and has clearly made a statement here at the O2 Arena.

Roger Federer 5* Milos Raonic 1

Not a comfortable service game for Milos Raonic as he found himself under pressure from Federer’s blistering forehands. Milos is in danger of going double break down. Raonic saved another break point but is left frustrated after being pulled out of the comfort zone by Federer for there is another BREAK POINT for Federer. Federer to serve for the opening set at the end of 22 minutes.

Roger Federer 4 Milos Raonic 1*

Roger Federer is sitting pretty with an early break as he consolidates the sole early break won in the second game. He is not looking to squander the advantage as he serves out another easy service game. He now leads 4-1.

Roger Federer 3* Milos Raonic 1

Milos Raonic finally manages to get things going his way as he manages to hit perfect first serves in, hitting a 145 mph ace to register first game point on the scoreboard.

Roger Federer 3 Milos Raonic 0*

It is easy pickings for Roger Federer  as he comfortably holds his service game against a rather uncomfortable looking Canadian. With this, Federer takes a 3-0 lead in the opening set of the match.

Roger Federer 2* Milos Raonic 0

Milos Raonic looks a bundle of nerves in the opening two points on his own serve and now finds himself 0-30 down.And some Federerism gives the Swiss Master three straight points to break his opponent early in the match. Milos Raonic save one, two to to go. Raonic saves anither with an ace down the T. On the Break Point 3, it is challenge from Roger Federer and is ruled in his favour so its second serve for Raonic. And Raonic finds Federer’s strong return difficult, ends up crashing to the net. BREAK POINT for Federer. Federer leads 2-0.

Roger Federer 1 Milos Raonic 0*

Roger Federer is serving first in the first set of the second match of the ATP World Tour Finals 2014 as both players marked their arrival in the O2 Arena. Federer starts off confidently with 40-30 lead. He takes the opening game with a forehand shot in the open court giving Raonic no room to make a comeback.

World No. 2 Roger Federer is taking on the young challenger in form of Milos Raonic from Canada in the second match of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals 2014 at the O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom. The second seed is leading 6-1 against Milos Raonic with the Canadian registering his sole win in their previous encounter in the Paris Masters quarter-finals. In the first match, it was Kei Nishikori outlasting his Briton opponent Andy Murray in the opening match of the ATP World Tour Finals 2014.

In the second match, it will be pretty interesting to watch Roger Federer fend off his newly formed nemesis who denied him a smooth run at the road to top of world rankings.  He would be keen to make an easy match against the motivated Raonic and not allow any chance in their opening match.