India vs New Zealand: India opener Rohit Sharma has been the big positive from India’s 2019 ICC CWC campaign. Popularly known as Hitman, he not only slammed five centuries, but is still the top run-getter in the tournament thus far with just the finals to go. It was a shock loss for India and Rohit Sharma was as honest as possible as he admitted that India failed to deliver and his heart felt heavy. He also thanked the fans for their undying support till the very end.

“We failed to deliver as a team when it mattered, 30 minutes of poor cricket yesterday & that snatched away our chance for the cup. My heart is heavy as I’m sure yours is too.The support away from home was incredible.Thank you all for painting most of uk blue wherever we played,” read Rohit’s post.

Here is how his post has won the internet:

After having slammed five centuries in the tournament, Rohit was looking in red-hot form and it seemed 240 is a paltry total. But, Rohit failed as he departed for a solitary runs as India lost their famed top three in the first three overs of the knockout game.

“Always feels disappointed when you play such a good cricket and then 45 minutes of bad cricket puts you out of tournament. It is difficult to accept and difficult to come to terms with,” Kohli said.